Echo in Onyx (Uncommon Echoes Book 1) by Sharon Shinn

Echo in Onyx (Uncommon Echoes Book 1) by Sharon Shinn


Author:Sharon Shinn [Shinn, Sharon]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency
Published: 2019-08-15T04:00:00+00:00


In the morning, it seemed best for Marguerite to suffer from one of her fictional headaches. I had errands to run and she wasn’t feeling very social, so she liked the notion of spending a few hours alone in her room. I swung by the kitchen to assemble a plate of food and grumble a little.

“I couldn’t even go back to my own bed to sleep last night because she wanted me nearby every minute!” I exclaimed to one of the Banchura maids. “And now she’ll lock herself in her room and refuse to let anyone in till I’ve returned. I can tell you right now, this visit can’t be over fast enough to suit me.”

I offered a much calmer version of the same story to Lourdes when I paused in the foyer to ask directions to an apothecary’s shop. She offered to send a footman to fetch anything I needed, but I shook my head.

“I think it will do me good to walk around in the fresh air for a while,” I said, knowing the housekeeper would understand very well what I was attempting to convey. It’s my one chance to get away from this demanding monster, and I am not going to give it up. She might even have been sympathetic.

I enjoyed my trip through the bustling city streets, which had a fresh, damp smell from a rainstorm that had moved through the night before. The apothecary’s shop was in a completely different direction from the flower market we had visited with Nico, and nowhere near the clover-leaf temple, so I had to mind my landmarks to make sure I would be able to find my way back. I ended up in a thriving commercial district with dozens of small shops crammed together on narrow, cheerful streets that were thronged with people. Working class, mostly, though I spotted a number of individuals I took to be tradesmen’s sons and merchants’ daughters—rich enough to have money to spend, but not so wealthy they could turn all of their chores over to servants.

I spent twenty minutes in the apothecary’s place just because I liked it. It was bigger than any similar shop I’d visited in Oberton and lined from floor to ceiling with wooden shelves holding boxes of mysterious herbs and powders. The young man working behind the counter looked to be a year or two older than I was and eager to pass the time, so he opened half the containers in the store to show me the contents. I now knew where to come if I needed to cure a cough, dissolve a wart, settle my stomach, enhance my memory, improve my eyesight, or stop an itch. I suspected he probably stocked darker potions, too, but I didn’t inquire about them. If any inquisitor was going to follow after me and ask what I’d wanted to buy, I didn’t want items like poison to be on the list. In the end, all I bought was a simple powder that would ease Marguerite’s supposed headache.


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