Dungeon Lord: Abominable Creatures (The Wraith's Haunt Book 3) by Huesca Hugo

Dungeon Lord: Abominable Creatures (The Wraith's Haunt Book 3) by Huesca Hugo

Author:Huesca, Hugo [Huesca, Hugo]
Language: eng
Format: azw3
Published: 2018-10-29T16:00:00+00:00


Chapter Eighteen


“That’s one hell of a vision,” Alder said once Ed finished telling his story.

He’d awakened in the real world a few hours before, his body already tingling with the power of his improved spellcasting. But before he’d ever chosen his two new spells, he’d called for his friends and gathered them into the War Room.

“You’re telling me,” Ed said. He was too excited to sit down, so he paced around the room like a threatened animal. “Was it even real?” he asked.

Lavy took a deep, steadying breath and threw a loose strand of hair away from her eyes. “Did you know of the Demon Regent Korghiran? Perhaps you heard about her and it influenced the vision.”

“I’m pretty sure I didn’t.”

“In that case… she’s real, I can at least tell you that. I’ve only heard about her in passing, but the naga spellcasters in Kael’s dungeon worshiped her something fierce. They call her the Lady of Secrets because, well, she hoards them. She rewards those that tell her something she doesn’t know, and the reward grows with the information’s value. Her Warlocks are nosy assholes, for obvious reasons—Illusionists and Diviners, mostly. Chasan didn’t like them—they always tried to steal his spell formulas.”

“So, it happened,” Ed said, scratching his chin.

“Not necessarily,” Alder pointed out. “Visions can be tricky like that. They may show you things that are only partially correct--if that makes any sense. Hell, this vision where you saw your futures may have itself been a vision of a possible future, and that was why you couldn’t speak or move.”

Klek clutched his head. “This is making me dizzy.”

“Same,” Ed said. “It seems the only way to make sure is to go into the Netherworld and ask this Demon lady herself.”

Kes frowned. “I don’t like it. It’s an obvious set-up. She showed you several futures, but only one good one. All others are dung-on-a-pie. Wraith Lord? Unearthly Tyrant? There’s no way you’re heading down either of those paths, Ed, not with us around.”

Alder gave her a nervous smile. “Alita’s tits, Kes, you don’t tempt fate like that.”

“I’ve seen too many friends with a bright future ahead of them get split in half by a minotaur’s axe for me to give a flying fuck about fate’s designs,” Kes said sharply. She bit her lip and made a visible effort to calm down. “What I mean to say is… Korghiran wants to manipulate you, Ed. She wants you to come to her for help so you can get those kemputers of yours, but she’ll use you to forge whatever future she wants instead.”

Ed’s jaw was clenched shut so hard he was getting a headache. He hadn’t told his friends about the most unsavory details regarding the Wraith Lord or the Tyrant.

And why should I? They’ll never happen, I’ll make sure of it. And now I’m forewarned. Hadn’t Korghiran said that the Shadow Tarot only showed the path his current and past decisions had set up for him? That meant he only had to make choices that led him to that third good future.


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