Dreamwander (In The Ruins of Eden Book 1) by Kildare

Dreamwander (In The Ruins of Eden Book 1) by Kildare

Language: eng
Format: azw3, mobi, epub
Publisher: Kildare Press
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Was Niamh a traitor, too? Cillian wondered. He considered yelling at her, thought against the idea, then decided either way she would soon know he had been taken prisoner.


Some of the nearest men turned toward his voice. Niamh and those nearest her didn’t notice so he yelled her name louder. She heard and looked around for the source of her name. The third time she looked right at him, but showed no recognition. Had he been mistaken? Was the woman not Niamh? No. She had to be. She probably couldn’t see him sitting beyond the reach of the firelight. He yelled again and this time a giant of a man strolled over.

“Shut your mouth.” A heavy kick to the ribs would have knocked him over if not for the ropes holding him up. Cillian grimaced, shot the man a scowl, and mustered his energy for another try. The man saw the look and came at him again.

“Niamh, it’s Cillian! It’s Cillian, Niamh!”

The second blow struck higher, knocked the wind out, and slumped him against the ropes. The man’s shadow loomed over, blocking the light of the fire. A row erupted near the fire, an agitation of many voices. Had Niamh heard him? He hoped so. After that last kick it might be a while before he could raise another shout.

“Máel!” shouted a voice that might have been Reb’s. The big man stepped aside. Reb and Niamh approached. The entire camp had turned its attention toward Cillian.

Niamh recognized him and rushed forward. “Cillian!” She turned to Reb. “Why is he tied up? Release him.”

“You know him?”

“Of course I know him. This is Cillian Rysgaard.”

A murmur rippled through the camp at the announcement of Cillian’s name.

“We didn’t know,” Reb said. “He wouldn’t tell us his name. We thought he was just some stranger passing through.”

Niamh dropped to his side. “Are you all right?”

“Yeah,” Cillian groaned. “The big guy got a couple of good kicks in.”

She stepped behind the tree. The ropes loosened and fell away. Without their support, he keeled over, wheezing. His wrists were unbound and he was lifted to his feet. Reb held him up. Unable to speak, Cillian placed one hand over his chest and held the other in the air to show he needed to catch his breath. Everyone in the camp stared at him.

“Thank you, Niamh. Your timing is impeccable. Your friends here were just debating whether to kill me. Reb, I’d appreciate my sword and hat back.”

Reb handed the scabbard back to Cillian. He fastened the sword belt around his waist and turned his ire toward the giant man. “You sir, are an ass.”

A stranger gave him his hat. “That’s better. Now, would someone like to tell me what’s going on around here? I was under the impression you were nothing more than bandits, yet Niamh here was the commander of the Imperator’s guard. It seems someone hasn’t been completely honest with me. But first some introductions are in order. Niamh?”

Niamh pointed to Reb. “This man is Rebel Sly.


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