Doomed (Ancient Legends) by Jayde Scott

Doomed (Ancient Legends) by Jayde Scott

Author:Jayde Scott
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: romance, vampires, vampire, urban fantasy, love, angels, suspense, mystery, occult, mystical, humor, hell, paranormal, magic, race, legends, love story, young adult, gothic, myth, demons, new, witchcraft, ghost, humour, shapeshifter, shape shifter, fantasy romance, mythology, lucifer, ya, paranormal fantasy, voodoo, heaven, succubus, dark magic, young adult romance, adult fantasy, fallen angel, vampire series, teen romance, teen fantasy, reaper, gothic romance, paranormal abilities, second sight, shadows, grimoire, young adult fantasy, paranormal fiction, vampires and demons, new releases, paranormal adventure, young adult paranormal romance, young adult paranormal, paranormal ebook, young adult series, teen paranormal romance, jayde scott, love bonds, ancient legends, vampires in scotland, vampire love story, demi goddess, ancient legends series, girls and women
Publisher: Jayde Scott

Chapter 16 – Doomed

The portal spewed us out at The Boulders of Hell on Dragon's Path. Dad's mansion was hidden behind the two boulders blocking the stony path. From here, it was only a five-minute walk, which should give me enough time to come up with an explanation. I never figured my plan to get Dallas to ask for my hand would work so, naturally, I didn't contemplate my next step.

"That's weird," Dallas said, peering at a jumble of black rocks in the dry lava beds.


"We're back in Disneyland."

"No!" I faked surprise as I turned to face him, wide-eyed. "Maybe the portal took us back to the place we're supposed to visit."

"Or Disneyland is the Otherworld. I'm destined to spend eternity in an oven. How awesome is that? Let's see whether anyone can sense us. I know the perfect person," Dallas said.

He was talking about his necromancer sister. Visiting her could blow my entire plan so that wasn't going to happen. Plan A coming right up—tears. "I need to see Dad first." My lips started to quiver; my eyes filled with unshed tears. "He must be devastated after hearing what happened to his only child."

"Of course. You're right, babe," Dallas said, rubbing a hand over my back. "Just remember he won't be able to see or hear you."

We reached the mansion in silence. I instructed Dallas to wait in the hall while I headed upstairs in search of Dad. I found him in his office, leaned over countless sheets spread across his huge mahogany desk.

I peeked over my shoulder before I closed the door behind me and hopped on my usual spot on top of his papers.

"Cassie, where have you been?" He pointed at the large smudge of dirt on my arm I didn't notice in all the upheaval. I grabbed a tissue from his box and started rubbing my skin. "Something's wrong. The guards have reported that—"

"Shush. Dallas might be listening." I leaned closer, ignoring his frown. "I've found a way to get rid of the curse."

"The curse?"

"Yes, the one that will bind me to this place once I turn eighteen."

"You mean to your home," Dad said.

I waved my hand. "Let's not start a debate here. We haven't much time. There's something you need to do for me." He cocked a brow. I continued, "Dallas and I are getting married, but he thinks we're dead, or dying in a hospital."

Dad jumped up from his seat. "You're what?"

"Hush, what did I tell you," I hissed. "Sit down and keep quiet, Dad."

Taking a deep breath, he did as I said. "You're too young to marry. And to a mortal? Cass, what were you thinking? How did you even get him to propose? The kid said marriage didn't feature in his life plan yet."

"It's obvious you've been eavesdropping on our conversation." Pausing, I glared at him. "I don't appreciate that. Dallas was a little confused before, but now he's ready to take our relationship to the next level."

Dad groaned. "What did you say about a hospital?"

I flicked my hair back, sorting through my thoughts.


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