Doc - 19 - Chasing Midnight by White Randy Wayne

Doc - 19 - Chasing Midnight by White Randy Wayne

Author:White, Randy Wayne [White, Randy Wayne]
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Tags: Mystery, Thriller
ISBN: 9780399158315
Publisher: PENGUIN group
Published: 2011-12-31T13:00:00+00:00


Because he was listening to his iPod, the twin doing most of the talking yelled when he spoke as if everyone in the room was deafened by the music reverberating through his skull. He yelled at Umeko now, saying, “Which one you want me to offer up first? It doesn’t matter to me. The blood’s on your hands. Hey, Geness, what’s Abraham say?”

Offer. A euphemism for “murder,” but with religious overtones because Odus Neinabor was swinging his pistol at the women who had come to Vanderbilt Island for a girls’ weekend but had stumbled into a nightmare. And Abraham—that must be the dead triplet. Did that mean that Odus could not speak to him directly, only Geness? Interesting.

The twins must have returned to the lodge soon after Kahn and Trapper had left, from what I saw. It would have taken them at least half an hour to do all that they had done. And they’d done a lot—some of it absurd, all of it cruel. The way they were treating the three most harmless people in the room was an example.

The women were still in their tropical party dresses, like three wilting bouquets sitting with their backs to the wall, their faces clown-streaked with eyeliner because they had been crying. The abuse had been going on for a while. The twins had wired the ladies’ hands behind their backs, then tossed their designer shoes into a pile in the middle of the room as if in preface to playing some weird party game.

I knew one of the women by name, Sharon Farwell. She was a successful restaurateur, an over-forty beauty who was business hardened but now displayed symptoms of shock because of what was happening. Her eyes had brightened when I entered the room. But then when she saw that my arms were taped behind me, her chin sank toward the floor.

Pitiless. That described what the twins had done. There was no way the women, or anyone, could have anticipated such crazed behavior.

Odus was Exodus, a mean little bastard, according to Trapper. But the quiet one, Geness—Genesis—was the more dangerous of the two, in my estimation, because I’d be willing to bet he used the dead triplet, Abraham, to manipulate brotherly decisions and as a scapegoat for their viciousness.

Genesis and Exodus, two biblical names given by nomadic hipsters whose sons had lived a caravan life in the desert. The names had no sinister overtones so fit the twins perfectly—two brothers who were benign in appearance, even comical, which effectively disguised the truth that they were both dangerous.

I’ve encountered killers, both amateurs and methodical pros, but there were only three true sociopaths among them. One was a brain-damaged mercenary who became infamous in Central America for hunting only at night, like a werewolf, then burning his victims alive.

The man, known as Incendiario to the peasants of the Maya Mountains, was Praxcedes Lourdes. He had a grotesque physical presence that warned of the danger he represented. In a lesser way, the other


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