Cradle to Grave by Rachel Amphlett

Cradle to Grave by Rachel Amphlett

Author:Rachel Amphlett
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781916098831
Publisher: Saxon Publishing


Carys brushed her fringe from her eyes, blew a loose strand out of the way and tried to concentrate on the itinerary Barnes had obtained from Melissa Lampton.

It seemed to her that Victor’s colleagues were disorganised at best, and she could only imagine what Barnes had said when finding out the information had been available twenty-four hours beforehand.

It jarred with the professional image that was conveyed on the website she’d been looking at the night before, and she wondered if standards had slipped since Kenneth Archerton had become ill.

On the screen in front of her was a map she’d found of the area where Robert Victor had been travelling while in France. After receiving a call from Kay who had told her that there were no vineyards in the area Robert visited at the end of the week, she printed out a copy and used a highlighter pen to mark off the major towns along the route. She began to piece together information about each of those, following the DI’s request to investigate what extracurricular activities Robert might have been pursuing, especially given Laura’s suggestion he might have been having an affair.

She moved her mouse across the screen and selected the option to view the map as a satellite image, and zoomed in closer.

Most of the buildings that abutted the main road on the route appeared to be industrial in nature rather than residential. From time to time, roadside cafés jostled for space beside tumbledown garages and car spares suppliers.

She wrinkled her nose.

Definitely no vineyards, either.

So why go there?

She glanced over her shoulder at the sound of footsteps to see Sharp approaching. ‘I’ve got no idea what he was up to, guv. But Kay is right – there are no vineyards around here.’

The detective chief inspector leaned on the desk and gestured towards her screen. ‘Did he visit any vineyards at all?’

‘At the beginning of his trip, yes.’ Carys picked up the itinerary and turned the page back. ‘There’s one here at Orléans, which he visited on Monday after picking up the car. He stayed at a motel nearby, and then drove to a different one on Tuesday morning. It’s after that when things seem a bit strange.’

‘In what way?’

‘Well, at the beginning of this trip he’s setting quite a fast pace. Laura managed to get hold of the GPS information from the hire company and reckons the only way he managed to do the distance is if he was speeding. It is almost as if he was trying to get his work commitments out of the way before this extracurricular stuff.’

‘Can you work out any addresses from the GPS data?’

‘Only the streets, not the actual building he might’ve visited. There was nothing programmed into the satnav, either. Wherever he was going, whoever he was meeting with, he knew how to get there. We’ve only got this much because the hire company fits a GPS tracker to all their high-end cars in case they get stolen.’

‘What does Robert’s itinerary say for the remainder of the week?’

Carys flipped the page.


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