Cornerstones by Victor La Cerva

Cornerstones by Victor La Cerva

Author:Victor La Cerva
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Hazelden Publishing


The Healer

The inner Healer reminds you that you are worthy of forgiveness, appreciation, compassion, empathy, and lovingkindness—qualities important to give to others but also to yourself. Self-care, fitness, and harmony within will carry you through challenging times of being stuck.

* * *

• JULY 1 •

* * *

Our inner healer asks us to embrace a path of well-being, wherein we declare to the universe, and all those around us, that we intend to thrive, whatever circumstances we encounter.

Healing can be defined as any change for the better. It is focused on whatever produces forward motion in any of the four windows through which we experience the world: physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. In recovery—and whenever we are working intensely to improve current conditions—we encounter positive and often unexpected effects in all of these realms. We move toward the light, bringing more awareness and mindfulness to wherever our current dilemma might be.

Physical changes—more exercise, better nutrition, getting a checkup we have been avoiding—bring emotional benefits. Getting more skillful with our relationship with anger brings us a quieter mind. And deepening our spiritual practices brings profound emotional benefits. The healing needed to get free of our addictions involves—and continues to ask us to make—many internal changes as well as external supports in each of these four arenas. We welcome all forms of medicine to assist us with real well-being: laughter, music, arts, and love.

I honor all the progress I have made in healing, even as I realize there is still more to repair.


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