Cerulean Sins by Hamilton Laurell K

Cerulean Sins by Hamilton Laurell K

Author:Hamilton, Laurell K. [Hamilton, Laurell K.]
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Publisher: Penguin Group USA, Inc.
Published: 2010-02-28T23:00:00+00:00


CALEB HAD CLIMBED into the back of the Jeep to get the plastic I’d started carrying, for when I transported something messier than chickens, and spread it on the seat so Nathaniel could drive. I’d tried to insist on driving but Jason had growled at me. He had a point, I wasn’t feeling my steadiest. Nathaniel, his eyes bled back to their normal lilac, had told me, “You passed out. You stopped breathing. Jason shook you, and you did this sort of gasp.” Nathaniel shook his head, face very serious. “We had to keep shaking you, Anita. You kept not breathing.”

If they’d been human I might have argued with them, that they only thought I’d stopped breathing, but they weren’t human. If a bunch of shape-shifters were unable to hear or see me breath, I had to believe them.

Had Mommy Dearest tried to kill me? Or had it been accidental—or incidental? She wouldn’t have meant to kill me, but she might have done it by accident. And I’d touched enough of her thinking to know it wouldn’t bother her. She wouldn’t be sorry, she would feel no guilt. She didn’t think like a person, or rather she didn’t think like a nice, normal, civilized human. She thought like a sociopath—no empathy, no sympathy, no guilt, no compassion. In a strange way, that must be a very peaceful existence. Did you need more emotions than she possessed to be lonely? I’d think so, but I really didn’t know. Lonely was not a word I would have applied to her. If you didn’t understand the need for friendship or love, could you be lonely? I shrugged and shook my head.

“What is it?” Nathaniel asked.

“If you don’t feel love or friendship, can you be lonely?”

He raised eyebrows at me. “I don’t know. Why do you ask?”


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