Caskets & Conspiracies by Nellie K Neves

Caskets & Conspiracies by Nellie K Neves

Author:Nellie K Neves [Neves, Nellie K]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2016-02-09T05:00:00+00:00

Chapter 14

For all my bluster and talk, I did not have a clue about masquerade attire. Thankfully, Stella did. She tried to get me into an enormous red ball gown, and yes, it did look amazing, but I had to remind her that my goal was not to waltz but to snoop. We opted for a thick-strapped black gown with a silver bodice that boasted length, not volume, and matching elbow-length gloves to hide my fingerprints. I tried to wear my sneakers, but Stella would have no part of it. We compromised on black ballet flats.

That only left hair and makeup, and again I felt a pang that Eleanor was not around to do it for me. We were close, but not close in the way most siblings are. We did not call and talk every day or exchange constant texts. We were both too independent for any of that.

But when we finally reunited, there was no warming period, no brief awkward moments or even small talk. It was as if we had never been apart, and we fell in sync all at once. It was Jackie’s death that had brought us close and my desire to be the older sister I had been robbed of. The truth of her disappearance nearly set my lungs in a vacuum. She was out there somewhere. Did she know us? Did she have any idea that she had been stolen away from her family?

“Lindy, whatever you are thinking about, stop,” Stella instructed. “Your eyes are tearing up, and it is nearly impossible to put this liner on your lower lid.

I felt like I was being tortured anyway. Liner was basically a hot poker to the eye in my opinion, but I held my peace. Instead of the mirror, I watched the clock. 7:00 approached too quickly.

As she pronounced me done, I was sure she felt as though I should take more than a cursory glance at my reflection, but I was already strapping on my thigh holster for my concealed weapon.

Stella frowned in disapproval, but did not reprimand me. She knew the reason I had gotten my concealed carry license, even if she did not like it. She did make small sounds of disgust as I wiggled my lock-picking kit into my bodice. Surely proper young ladies did not behave in such a way. I pretended to be annoyed, but I appreciated her censorship. It was good to have someone that reminded me I was in fact a girl. After years of being a tomboy, sometimes I forgot certain protocols.

When the knock came at the door, Stella squealed her delight. “He’s here!”

I wanted to scold her for her outburst, but an eruption of butterflies from my stomach choked my voice. The clutch my aunt had picked for me fit a tiny pen camera Amos had given me years before. I also dropped in a tiny LED light that was cleverly disguised as a lipstick tube. If purses were searched, I would pass their scrutiny as long as there weren’t metal detectors.


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