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Adventures of a Skating Raisin At that same Thanksgiving dinner, another fortuitous thing happened—I met Bianca’s new boyfriend, Denis. He was a professional ice skater and her co-star in Disney ...
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Our cove lay a little in­side the south­ern head­land of King Haakon Bay. A nar­row break in the cliffs, which were about a hun­dred feet high at this point, formed ...
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“Good to see you so upbeat,” said race Judge Bill Bartlett. “Why not,” I said. “This is fun, and it sure beats working. “I’m not staying long,” I added, grinning ...
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What about Lunch? There are two ways—maybe more—to have lunch. One way is to begin lunch right after breakfast and keep eating until dinner. You need lots of energy on ...
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FIGURE 6.16 As the skier, who weighs 120 pounds, actively extends upward, the force between her feet and the scale increases (indicated by the increase in her apparent weight), accelerating ...
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Christmas’ Aunt Sandy Now after the puppies came… Oh, I forgot to tell you about the puppies. Christmas had them. Yep, she had three of the most beautiful puppies we ...
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* * * — Although Erebus and Terror had been refitted by the end of July, Ross had to stay in these bleak and stormy surroundings until the next magnetic-term ...
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* * * — AFTER STRUGGLING IN Game 3 of the ’93 conference final, the Leafs, having earned the early 2–0 lead, were again a strong, unified team in Game ...
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Compulsory dance at Four Continents in Vancouver, 2009. Credit: cp/paul chiasson With coaches Igor Shpilband and Marina Zoueva. Credit: kate virtue Performing the Viennese Waltz during compulsory dance at Canadian ...
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Figure 6.7 The basic 2-1-2 forecheck. Both defensemen must read the play and anticipate when the puck may move up the boards. When they see that a pass is being ...
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December 5th. A gale broke suddenly on us at 3 a.m. It subsided at noon and the sky cleared beautifully, but in the evening the wind rose again with greater ...
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Juliette’s cervix was almost completely dilated, so something had to be filling the lower pelvis making delivery imminent. Yet I couldn’t tell what it was or how the baby was ...
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Safety Safety means freedom from danger, risk, or injury. In the context of track setting, safety determines the direction and location of your track based on the presence of objective ...
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