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Goals of Chapter 7 The main goal of this chapter has been to educate you about the benefits of releasing anger in healthy ways and to provide you with helpful ...
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epub |eng | 2002-06-24 | Author:Lundy Bancroft

ALCOHOL HAS NO BIOLOGICAL CONNECTION TO ABUSE OR VIOLENCE Alcohol does not directly make people belligerent, aggressive, or violent. There is evidence that certain chemicals can cause violent behavior—anabolic steroids, ...
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One day a different Iraqi translator visits my guard tower. He’s not a regular at our camp, but he’s on loan from the First Armored Division, clearly higher ranking in ...
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Chapter Twenty-Three A Life Changing Letter I was sitting in my barracks when someone brought me a letter addressed to Vaughn Victor Kennedy Marx. The name “Marx” was written in ...
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epub |eng | 2018-05-11 | Author:Meg Kennedy Dugan

Other Intense Emotions The specific feelings addressed in this chapter are shared by many people who have endured and survived an abusive or violent relationship. It is by no means ...
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epub |eng | 2002-10-15 | Author:Joyce Meyer [Meyer, Joyce]

129 We are to confess our faults to one another. But this does not mean that every time we sin, we need to confess it to another person. We know ...
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*Italics added *Let me cite a remark by Igor Stravinsky as an example of successful mourning: “I am convinced that it was my misfortune that my father was spiritually very ...
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The mindful and self-compassionate way to deal with painful feelings is to befriend them. This involves softening into physical or emotional distress instead of tightening up. And it involves being ...
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21. Brandishing Anger, or "Traumatic One-Trial Learning" The manipulator will put on an act of intense anger for the purpose of shocking you into submission. This is called ‘traumatic one-trial ...
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MY THOUGHTS Jasmine is fortunate. She has worked hard to gain insight and forgive herself for the acquaintance abuse she suffered as a young girl. She has a supportive boyfriend, ...
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Chapter 14 After security had taken us through a small reception area, we emerged into a grand hall. It was oak-panelled, and in the centre was an enormous chandelier; it ...
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These types of questions raise the possibility that you and your parents might behave in ways that run counter to family rules—­and that is precisely what you want to discuss. ...
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This sounded very encouraging, so it came as no surprise to me, one year later, when Elizabeth wrote once again to tell me the following: I have not had any ...
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