Humorous Science Fiction
epub |eng | | Author:Larry Doyle

“neep neep, you hairless monkeys!” Marshall the Martian was squat, fairly hairless and, for this low-paying appearance, costumed only from the shoulders up: his face and head grease-painted baby-poop green; ...
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epub | | 1999-06-07 | Author:Eric Idle

The Person From Porlock Is comedy endemic in intelligent life? Would evolution be possible without it? Do ants have a sense of humor? —De Rerum Comoedia In a perfect universe ...
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epub |eng | 1979-01-15 | Author:Kurt Vonnegut [Vonnegut, Kurt]

The dirt in the Arapahoe lobby might not have been so obvious, if somebody had not started to do something about it and then stopped. There was a tall stepladder ...
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