Sword & Sorcery Fantasy
epub |eng | | Author:Piers Anthony

Chapter 10. Cyclopean Eye In the morning. Ivy and Hugo and Stanley peeked over the edge of their ledge to spy out the worst. It was con firmed. A monster ...
( Category: Science Fiction June 8,2017 )
mobi |eng | 2017-04-17 | Author:Stuart Thaman

“No!” Rai screamed. He stretched his arms toward the pool, but his already blistered skin burned more with every inch, and he pulled his hand back almost as quickly as ...
( Category: Sword & Sorcery May 21,2017 )
epub |eng | 2016-06-30 | Author:JA Andrews [Andrews, JA]

Chapter 27 An hour later, Alaric followed a messenger all the way through the palace to the royal apartments where he found the queen reading at an immense wooden desk. ...
( Category: Sword & Sorcery July 2,2016 )