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Blaschke, D., M. Buballa, A. Dubinin, G. Röpke, and D. Zablocki. 2014. Generalized Beth-Uhlenbeck Approach to Mesons and Diquarks in Hot Dense Quark Matter. Annals of Physics 348: 228–255.ADSMathSciNetCrossref Blochinzew, ...
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epub |eng | 2020-03-29 | Author:Kaplan, John [Kaplan, John]

Chapter 10 The First Quantum Concept A ll objects in the universe are constantly exchanging energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Each object emits, partially absorbs, and partially reflects ...
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In Figs. 7.7 and 7.8, the dependences of and on time in the shell centre are reported. These functions vary with time in a way that depends on the mathematical ...
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(10.6) which leads to the simple fourth order method (10.7) In order to find out about the stability domain for the test equation, g(u n+2) is replaced by λu n+2. ...
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While the positions and heights of the resonance peaks in the triplet yields of both wires are captured well by these calculations, there is very poor agreement between experiment and ...
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Keywords Porous mediaThermal dispersionConvective heat transferCylinder arrayGraphite foam 1 Introduction Transport in high-conductivity porous media, such as metal foams, is of practical importance in heat transfer applications including compact heat ...
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5.1.2 The plane-wave transverse-k spectrum of a current distribution in free space We consider an electric current distribution, , in free space outside a plane-stratified medium. The z-axis is normal ...
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(3.41) the particle balance, also known as the diffusion equation, is given by (3.42) The integration of this equation assuming that all the particles are localized at the origin at ...
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The chirped mirror compressor was set-up such that shortest pulses could be achieved. A GDD of −1700 fs was predicted and realized by 4 bounces off mirrors with −400 fs ...
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Fig. 7A tensile test sample (ASTM: E-8/E8 M-11 sub-size) collected from SZ. Beside test sample a cross sectional view, which have indicated depth of processed zone (hatched region) (720 rpm ...
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3.3 Measurement Results The modulator was implemented in a 0.18 μm 4-metal CMOS technology using a dual-gate-oxide process option for the switches. The linear capacitors were implemented as metal-insulator-metal (MIM) ...
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In addition to the initial device characteristics, the long-term storage stability of the conventional and inverted OLEDs in air was examined by using a barrier film with a water vapor ...
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epub |eng | | Author:Haitao Zhao & Zhihui Lai & Henry Leung & Xianyi Zhang

(8.6) which can be solved by computing the following augmented Lagrange multiplier (ALM) problem: (8.7) where Y1 and Y2 are Lagrange multipliers and μ > 0 is a penalty parameter. ...
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