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11.6 Summary In subsiding sedimentary basins, mechanical compaction caused by the increase of effective vertical stresses is the dominating compaction process and has the greatest influence on the sediment’s porosity ...
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7.3.1 The Boussinesq Approximation: A Qualitative Presentation When studying thermal convection in liquids, one is tempted to neglect the variations of density. Liquids are indeed weakly compressible. However, such a ...
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Gritsyk, P.A., Somov, B.V.: The kinetic description of the accelerated-electron flux in solar flares. Moscow Univ. Phys. Bull. 66(5), 466–472 (2011) [Sect. 4.5.5] Gurevich, A.V.: On the theory of runaway ...
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And from the latter we take:Hence, supported by these authors, let us say that the supercelestial waters exist and it is due to them if Saturn is cold and humid, ...
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Changes in Ocean pH Perhaps the glacial world hid the carbon as bicarbonate dissolved in seawater. Seawater has 100 times more bicarbonate than dissolved CO2. changing the balance between CO2 ...
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Wind can create wind streaks in presence of topographic obstacles. Wind streaks can form either by deposition or erosion of material. A wind streak can form when material is transported ...
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All that could usefully be done was identify a suitable site for the measurements and erect a shelter in preparation for the spring, when scientific work would at last became ...
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Saturnian moon, Prometheus, discovered in 1980 (NASA). Chapter Eleven 4.5 Quintillion Joules Joseph Stalin can be faulted for any number of terrible shortcomings. That’s probably the kindest way to describe ...
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Fig. 8.36The coastal dyke swarm in East Greenland at Hængefjeldet, just north of Kangerlussuaq. The dykes here cut tuffs and volcaniclastic sediments of the Hængefjeldet Formation (Nielsen et al. 1981). ...
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References and Further Reading Anderson CN (1928) Correlation of long wave transatlantic radio transmission with other factors affected by solar activity. Proc Inst Radio Eng NY 16:297–347 Astafyeva E, Zakharenkova ...
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Applying the above described workflow to large images results in a huge number of false detections. Therefore, the geometric properties of the known LSEs were used for filtering the results. ...
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Reference Conyers LB (2012) Interpreting ground-penetrating radar for archaeology. Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, New York © The Author(s) 2018 Lawrence B. ConyersGround-penetrating Radar and Magnetometry for Buried Landscape AnalysisSpringerBriefs ...
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At the time of the glacial maximum in the southern hemisphere, the Antarctic ice sheet advanced across much of the continental shelf. In South America, glaciers from the Andes extended ...
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