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Notice how Jennie has focused in on potential external events geared to stoke the inner struggle she wants Ruby to go through? Her goal now is to find the main ...
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* * * WITHOUT QUESTION, NASA’s long-lived Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has been a game changer in the ability to inspect the Moon. On the job since entering orbit around ...
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Roosevelt’s Reforms As defined by historians, the Progressive era embraced three U.S. presidents: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson, all of whom would oppose one another for the ...
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5 Carlton & Around D.O.C Italian $$ Run by third-generation Italians, D.O.C is bringing authenticity, and breathing new life, back into Lygon St. The espresso bar features homemade pasta specials, ...
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Glenarm foreshore / DESIGN PICS/SIC/GETTY IMAGES © Steensons Gallery Watch craftspeople at work at Steensons, the designer-jewellery workshop that produces the jewellery worn in Game of Thrones. (You can’t buy ...
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Lion-head door knocker, Residenzschloss / DIRK FREDER/GETTY IMAGES © Collections If you are intent on seeing everything at the Residenzschloss, you’ll need to set aside a whole day to do ...
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Ocotlán de Morelos %951 / Pop 15,000 / Elev 1500m Ocotlán de Morelos is a town of fine art, esoteric pottery and a dense, industrious Friday market. The art is ...
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Food Italian children start eating out from a young age, and kids are more than welcome at all eateries. Highchairs are often available and it’s perfectly acceptable to order a ...
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The PRI Gas Buster has a lip on the bottom, to block gas puffs that might jet back into your face. You can clearly see the joint between the parts ...
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Herb-robert is also known as Stinking Bob on account of the powerful odour emitted when the feathery leaves are crushed. The bright pink flowers with five petals can be seen ...
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Really Bad Things I reasoned that in order to maintain a civilized society, there must be prohibitions against doing really bad things such as murder, arson, rape, stealing, looting, and ...
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Chapter Twenty-Two Academia de Baile Alfredo in Barranquilla, Colombia, is on a street of bars and cafés. The entrance bears the image of a couple dancing the tango, though instruction ...
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8 A Bad Bowel THE TOP AND BOTTOM ends of the digestive system are regions where the brain in the head plays the critical role in determining what the bowel ...
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