epub |eng | 2010-11-23 | Author:Yaşar Kemal [Kemal, Yaşar]

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epub |eng | 2020-04-15 | Author:Maggie Brookes [Maggie Brookes]

• • • The Labor Exchange is a hut set aside to match prisoners with suitable Arbeitskommando work camps, and now I see for myself how the Third Reich exists ...
( Category: 20th Century May 27,2020 )
azw3, epub |eng | 2020-04-24 | Author:Robert Frost

It wasn’t my not weigh­ing any­thing So much as my not know­ing any­thing— My brother had been nearer right be­fore. I had not taken the first step in knowl­edge; I ...
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epub |eng | 2016-01-29 | Author:Lucian [Lucian]

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epub |eng | 2010-05-14 | Author:Georgette Heyer

Sally gave a gasp. 'Go on! It's the rankest kind of boloney, but I should be interested to know how you defend it.' 'Shouldn't place people under obligations,' said Neville ...
( Category: Psychological Thrillers May 21,2020 )
azw3 |eng | 2011-05-31 | Author:Georgette Heyer [Heyer, Georgette]

Twelve A certain languor, which was felt by everyone except the Dowager, hung over the company. After the bustle and the excitement of the ball, the smaller party seemed flat. ...
( Category: Historical May 21,2020 )
azw3 |eng | 2009-07-31 | Author:Georgette Heyer [Heyer, Georgette]

Ten When Arabella had parted from Mr Beaumaris at the door of Lady Bridlington’s house, the butler who had admitted her informed her that two gentlemen had called to see ...
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azw3, epub |eng | 2012-03-05 | Author:George V. Higgins [Higgins, George V.]

IN MIDAFTERNOON of the next day, Harris made the first footsteps on the marina catwalk that I had heard all day. I was sitting on the catwalk while French was ...
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epub |eng | 2020-03-02 | Author:Louise Fein

Thirty-One October 12, 1938 The more people who arrive here, the lonelier I become. The more family who gather, the more obvious is Karl’s absence. He was the beating heart ...
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epub |eng | 2003-11-06 | Author:Fyodor Dostoyevsky [Dostoevsky, Fyodor]

Then we begin to live together happily, go abroad, etc., etc. In short, in the end it seemed vulgar to me myself, and I began to put out my tongue ...
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epub |eng | 2020-05-04 | Author:Amanda Quick

Chapter 23 Toby Flint lit another cigarette with shaking fingers, dug some change out of the pocket of his overcoat, and stepped into the phone booth. What he was about ...
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epub |eng | 2020-01-07 | Author:Roseanna M. White [White, Roseanna M.]

17 Diellza watched him striding up the street from her table at the window, letting a smile curl over her lips. He did have a presence, that Phillip Camden. One ...
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epub |eng | | Author:Sebastian Nothwell

~ Chapter Fourteen The swift pace set by Alexandra brought the two ladies back home to the Cranbrook estate within hours. Though Kit’s legs were longer, given she stood nearly ...
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epub |eng | 1992-05-14 | Author:Mary Lide

CHAPTER 7 In a blaze of denial I rushed from the dining room, brushing waiters aside, startling guests. I heard a man say, ‘My gum, who’s that?’ Another cried, ‘Steady ...
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epub |eng | 1994-05-14 | Author:Mary Lide

Chapter Ten The evening of the meeting was wet, a first blow. Many of the Club ladies would never venture out through rain. Then, although Michael had arrived early as ...
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