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But the secretary was willing to give him a child—just fill in the form, and you go in and choose a child—but as he was a Protestant. He is still ...
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intellect itself that accounts for this recurrent phenomenon. Although consciousness level 400 is reached by eight percent of the world's population, and educated, literate, intelligent people in modern, advanced societies ...
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anyone. i could be someone in a romance novel. while that’s an acting experience it’s not necessarily fun. i’ve had a lot of fantasies, but that’s the value of a ...
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Gifts in disguise A few temporary shifts in nursing homes had seen me working with clients suffering from Alzheimer’s. Nanci was my first private home, palliative client with this disease. ...
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Warm up before each visualization exercise by imagining something you enjoy doing, such as eating your favorite meal, getting a massage, or taking a walk along the beach. The purpose ...
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Chapter 6 - How I Spend My Sacred Manifestation Time Since I engage in so few of these activities nowadays, I consider my time spent on them to be really ...
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Asphodel (Asphodelus ramosus) With its gray foliage, this is said to be a favorite food of the dead. In ancient Greece, the living roasted the roots and ate them, or ...
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That concludes the ritual. RITUAL 4 – THE EMPRESS: A RITUAL TO ATTRACT ABUNDANCE 1. Place the Empress card at the center of the altar. 2. Pick up the card ...
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Characters THE WORD ‘GEOMANTIC’ is an amalgamation of the Latin words ‘geo’, meaning ‘earth’, and ‘mantia’, meaning ‘divination’. Geomancy is a system of divination that uses the random generation of ...
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obedience to the divine plan. "Then let men enter nirvana. Then let them call for an end to all human sensation. If they will, let them terminate individual sight and ...
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no . . no I'm sorry if I disturbed your sleep" then we loved you drew me nearer as you whispered . . "deep" and death seemed far away Bunnies ...
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The First Medicine Wheel I was living in Payson, Arizona, at the time, and the forest fires surrounded my town. The biggest fire in Arizona history was burning out of ...
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Manifesting Money When I sat at the mystery man’s kitchen table and told him I wanted to make $10,000 a month, he didn’t for a moment look surprised or disbelieving. ...
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