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There is nothing surely unnatural or far-fetched in such a line of reflection. It manifestly lay within the reach of the very earliest members of a believing seed; especially, since ...
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FIG. 4. Photograph of Ledi included in Ledi Sayadaw, The Vipassanā Dīpanī or The Manual of Insight (1915). But, however much delight was shared, these interactions certainly did not lead ...
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Plato also knew the dangers of “antimusic”, or Corybanticism, which perverted rhythms to stimulate the bodily humors in defiance of the good purposes of the muses. Its consequence would be ...
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Sabbath in Late Fall For everything there is a season . . . Sometimes on the Sabbath all you can do is settle into the soft body of yoursel f ...
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Words and Music by John R. Cash Imagine Words and Music by John Lennon The Last Time I Saw Paris from LADY, BE GOOD Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II Music ...
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Pray Identify a few worries or problems in your life. Instead of asking God to take them away, work out what aspect of the Spirit’s work you need to walk ...
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4 THEOS All things are full of gods. —Thales of Miletus Dear God. Dear Stars, dear trees, dear sky, dear peoples. Dear everything. Dear God. —Alice Walker, The Color Purple ...
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The conventions regarding human ḍākinīs developed in an oral tradition of ḍākinī lore that has never been systematized or formalized. There is no definitive list of human characteristics that identify ...
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The Response from the Takphu Labrang In the above there is one thing in particular that researchers should take an interest in. In the letter of request submitted by the ...
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Bilbao Bilbao ™ [map] is the capital of Vizcaya province and was once the industrial heartland of the Basque Country. It has reinvented itself and has a thriving central district ...
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VII Parenthetical on Esoteric Catholicism and on “Integral Traditionalism” We have already observed that one of the causes which has favored the diffusion of neo-spiritualism is to be sought in ...
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4 In 1997 Julie met a certain Paul, with whom she and her two children moved to Stockton, a working-class city ninety or so miles from San Francisco. Darcy saw ...
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Previous Chapter Index Next Chapter » Ar Raheeq Al Mukhtum AL-AHZAB (the Confederates) INVASION Once again, peace and security enveloped the Arabian Peninsula and this turbulent area began to experience ...
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