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Box 2: Normalising the Cerebellum in fMRI fMRI has significantly expanded our understanding of the neural bases of cognition and eye movement control, particularly in cortical and subcortical networks. While ...
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Clarity Labs Lucida. Retrieved from http://​lucida.​ai/​ Glas, D. F., Minato, T., Ishi, C. T., Kawahara, T., & Ishiguro, H. (2014). ERICA: The ERATO intelligent conversational android. In 2016 RO-MAN: The ...
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The Calm Before the Storm To connect all of these developments into a coherent whole let us step back and look again at the larger picture. In particular, we need ...
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VAJRAYANA’S TOOLBOX The practices of Vajrayana revolve around a spiritual “toolbox” that contains such items as mandalas, mantras, yidams, mudras, and vajras. Mandalas Mandalas are maps of the spiritual world. ...
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INSIDERS ARE NOT ALWAYS EXPERTS It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that the inside source really does know what they are talking about. Sometimes, of course, ...
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The second task. To baptize. It’s important to reiterate here that baptism does not save a person who is in rebellion to God, but is an outward symbol of an ...
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Lasting Damage Advocates of equal educational opportunity learned early on that our judicial system would be reluctant to demand any remedying of disparities in school quality. In a series of ...
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Relying on our decision in Fraser, the superintendent concluded that the principal’s actions were permissible because Frederick’s banner was “speech or action that intrudes upon the work of the schools.” ...
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Also the azygos vein, the esophagus, the phrenic nerves, and the recurrent laryngeal nerve can be involved. Pericardial spread is relatively common, manifesting as pericardial effusion and/or irregular thickening of ...
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Low-risk pT1a-b, pN0, G1 and/or low Ki67 (≤20%), high receptors Intermediate-risk pT1c-pT2, pN1a, G1-2 and/or intermediate Ki67 (20–30%), high-intermediate receptors High-risk pT3-pT4, pN2-pN3, G3 and/or high Ki67 (>30%), intermediate to ...
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Influence on Oncologic Treatment The basilar study that established OP draws attention not only to its cosmetic benefits, but mainly to the surgical margins in this procedure. At the Institute ...
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16: Christianity’s War Against Judaism Acts 21:21 forward portrays Paul as the subject of Jewish riots against him over Paul’s preachments and policies regarding circumcision and the Covenant. This general ...
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