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CHAPTER SEVEN Occupational Therapy It is quite still now above and below, except when the great mainsail gives itself a shake, as if impatient for a gentle breeze, now it ...
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CHAPTER 8 THEN IT ALL WENT WRONG During her first year of marriage, in which Anne threw herself head first into her humanitarianism and many issues of reform, her personal ...
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A confident Harriet Quimby, America’s first licensed woman pilot, prepares to take off as Gustav Hamel gives a last-minute assist. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM, INC. Lowering from about ...
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1 M. E. Harding, The Way of All Women (New York, 1933). 2 Harding, op. cit., “The Ghostly Lover”. 10 PRIESTS AND PRIESTESSES OF THE MOON The religious practices observed ...
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21 Trekking North from Rome But not all women correspondents that summer of 1944 were primed to go to Normandy. When Martha Gellhorn, confined to a nurses’ training camp in ...
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AMANDA AFTER CLOSING FOR the day, I took the two garbage bags full of Mrs. Kelly’s Edwardian clothes up to my apartment. I’d spend an exciting evening sorting through to ...
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17 WITHOUT IMAGINATION, NO WANTS IN LATE NOVEMBER 1928, with the winter holiday season in high gear, millions of American magazine readers opened the latest edition of The Saturday Evening ...
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MARION DAVIES Chapter Five Gaiety (or Joie de Vivre) Kiss the joy as it flies. —WILLIAM BLAKE THE CAPACITY TO take pleasure in life is no less a virtue than ...
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