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The Growth of Legal Protection Despite Roe Roe did not stop the growth that was evident at the time of Roe and reflected in Professor Prosser’s famous statement. Courts soon ...
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epub |eng | 2015-04-29 | Author:Charles C. Camosy [Camosy, Charles C.]

Conclusion The difficult slog involved in moving from (1) conclusions about abstract moral claims to (2) enacting laws and public policy in a specific context is not discussed enough in ...
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IS MOTHERHOOD A HUMAN RIGHT? As we have explained before, one of the key powerful ideas giving life to reproductive justice is that no right can achieve the status of ...
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Bernstein concludes that the problem is linked to arrogance. “We have failed,” he says, “to open up our own institutions in the media to the same kind of scrutiny that ...
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epub |eng | 2013-03-16 | Author:Wilson, Joshua; [Wilson, Joshua C.]

6 Degrees of Separation By shifting the focus away from traditional sources of legal meaning (e.g., judicial opinions) and toward individual stories, legal consciousness scholars make an overt attempt to ...
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epub |eng | 2017-01-24 | Author:Ann McElhinney [McElhinney, Ann]

Abrams’s aunt paid $2,450 for the abortion, in cash, and helped the girl to the car. Shay Abrams was in tremendous pain. When they got home to Chester, she became ...
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* * * * Since 1973 Our Bodies, Ourselves has been published by Simon & Schuster and is available in bookstores. Chapter 14 For most women, finding a competent abortionist ...
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American Exceptionalism The United States is not the only place with an abortion controversy, of course. How do the attitudes of Americans compare with those of people in other countries? ...
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epub |eng | 2003-09-14 | Author:Nelson, Jennifer;

4 “Abortions under community control” Feminism, Nationalism, and the Politics of Reproduction among New York City’s Young Lords Eighteen days after a new abortion law went into effect in New ...
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epub |eng | 2016-04-03 | Author:Loretta Ross

* * * NOTES 1 Shamita Das Dasgupta talks about the importance of “becoming reacquainted with our own heroines” as a key aspect of activist history in her introduction to ...
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We made a grant to him to determine whether or not you could determine whether it made a difference to greenhouse gases if the population was 8 or 10 or ...
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Summary In this chapter, we analysed and studied Thomson’s violinist analogy and her view that even if the foetus is considered a person with a right to life, it is ...
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The End of the Line for Criminal Abortion Ladner and others were beginning to imagine and speak publicly about a world in which women could legitimately and legally make a ...
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