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Imparting one’s interest—and even better, one’s vocation—is a joy for any teacher. A certain number of our students (generally speaking, the ones who had left the university some time before ...
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Notes 1 L. H. Sigourney (1868), Letters of Life. New York: D. Appleton, p. 46; and (1854), Sketch of Connecticut, Forty Years Since. Hartford: Oliver D. Cooke and Sons, pp. ...
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11. You Can’t Write My History History is written by the winners, they say. But it is often the losers who care more about it. —Carolyn Gilman “You cannot write ...
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Gentlemen, be kind. Of all the paintings which are here, seek out the worst, and remember that two thousand unfortunates have bitten their brushes in two, despairing of even doing ...
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9. SELF-PORTRAIT I Was the One MYLES CONNOR spent the night of the Gardner robbery sleeping in a Chicago prison cell, awaiting sentencing on stolen property charges, the final coda ...
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Conclusion Over time, there have been remarkable shifts in the value and meaning attached to Indonesia’s cultural heritage (Salazar 2012). The postcolonial government has successfully managed to use the most ...
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Linear Fluorescent and Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL): Color Rendering Properties: Fluorescent lamps are available in a wide variety of color temperatures and CRI values. Light Distribution and Directionality: These lamps ...
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The general rule of borrowing power is that each museum can borrow proportionately to its ability to lend. Thus a museum with a strong permanent collection from which it is ...
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3.3.7 Visitor Services Visitor services, including admissions, retail and food services, rentals, and general visitor care, greatly influence the quality of the visitor experience and communicate the museum’s attitude toward ...
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Such a policy and plans should facilitate the operation of the museum learning or education department as described in the pages of this section. CHAPTER 7 The Centrality of Museum ...
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Faking Photographs Much as Doyle’s performance at the Society of American Magicians’ annual dinner confounded audiences by bringing extinct creatures to life on the screen, the text of The Lost ...
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A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF STYLE AND TECHNOLOGY Style and technology share two key features: particular ways of doing things and choices between alternatives. Style has been fundamental to the scholarship ...
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5 A Trail of Scent: The Afterlife of Collections Visitors to Knole, a country house in Kent, might notice an old-fashioned fragrance pervading the rooms. Long before hotels thought of ...
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