epub |eng | 2019-11-07 | Author:Michel Foucault [Foucault, Michel]

The Imagination of the Nineteenth Centuryfn1 The Ring of the century, conducted by Pierre Boulez and directed by Patrice Chéreau, ended in its fifth and last year. One and a ...
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epub |eng | 2010-02-23 | Author:Michael Boylan & Charles Johnson [Boylan, Michael & Johnson, Charles]

B. Fictive-narrative philosophy: Using the tools found in Chapter 3, begin with a claim that relates to the reading and discussion questions above. Then create a modern-day story about people ...
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epub |eng | 0101-01-01 | Author:Ludwig Feuerbach [Feuerbach, Ludwig]

§ 24 Being & Thought The identity of thinking and being which is the central point in the philosophy of identity is nothing other than a necessary consequence and unfolding ...
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epub |eng | 2018-04-20 | Author:Williamson, Timothy;

Inference to the Best Explanation The methods philosophy needs for choosing between rival theories need not be so different from the more theoretical methods of natural science. We want the ...
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epub |eng | 2006-12-04 | Author:Descartes, René; Maclean, Ian;

PART THREE Finally, just as it is not enough, before beginning to rebuild the house in which one lives, to do no more than demolish it, make provision for materials ...
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epub |eng | | Author:Rosen, Stanley

7 Thought and Touch: A Note on Aristotle’s De Anima In the history of philosophy, it would be difficult to discover an effort to explain the nature of thought which ...
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* * * End of this Project Gutenberg Etext of Philebus by Plato * * * by Plato A free ebook from Philebus Table of Contents
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* * * 6. The general form of a truth-function is [p, E, N(E)]. This is the general form of a proposition. 6.001 What this says is just that every ...
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azw |eng | 2010-01-19 | Author:Descartes, Rene [Descartes, Rene]

Meanwhile, that it may be seen wherein I think I have already promoted the general good, I will here mention the fruits that may be gathered from my Principles. The ...
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mobi |eng | 2011-08-23 | Author:Baggini, Julian & Fosl, Peter S. [Baggini, Julian]

Relation of the two principles Verification and falsification are not two sides of one coin. Verificationists like Ayer wanted their principle to apply to all philosophy, indeed all discourse, whereas ...
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6. Caltiki the Immortal Monster ~ X: the Unknown ~ Leiber’s “Black Gondolier” In our previous readings we considered the theme of the hidden world as manifest in “mists” – ...
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mobi, epub |eng | 2011-07-15 | Author:Graham Harman

C. The Asymmetry of Contact A few words on asymmetry are now in order. Real objects cannot touch real objects, and in this respect Heidegger’s tool-analysis reawakens the occasionalist scenario. ...
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