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XCIX IF A man has frequent intercourse with others, either in the way of conversation, entertainment, or simple familiarity, he must either become like them, or change them to his ...
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epub |eng | 2011-06-13 | Author:Homer [Homer]

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8.4 Beginning of the Vietnam War What came to be known as the Vietnam War was thus basically a continuation of the Indochina War, as later the Iraq War was ...
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epub |eng | 2014-03-23 | Author:Ken Coates [Coates, Ken]

Endnote – Chapter 3 1. On existentialism see Introduction. 2. See e.g. Sartre (1948), Camus (1975). On Heidegger see Watts (2001). On Unamuno, Camus and Cioran see Dienstag (2006). See ...
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[ 4 ] Widening the Circle: Nonhuman Animals We have a cat that lives with us. To put the matter in the traditional way, we own a cat. The idea ...
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BOOK VII. After two years’ silence and patience, and notwithstanding my resolutions, I again take up my pen: Reader, suspend your judgment as to the reasons which force me to ...
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6 AWARENESS AND CONSCIOUSNESS XIV THE ORDINARY WORDS The account of introspective certainty given in the last chapter is the first step in a theory of consciousness or awareness. The ...
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I am sitting in my chair at work. I am listening to the sounds outside: voices, cars, the hum of traffic, doors closing in the corridor. I am typing—I can ...
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What Is Knowledge and How Do We Gain It? Feminist philosophers have identified ways in which the methodology of science both arises from and valorizes human male experience. Evelyn Fox ...
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4 Human Life and its Concept Andrea Kern 1 The concept of a human being, according to Gabriel, is not the concept of a natural kind. The reason for this, ...
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An indistinct swishing sound behind me pulls my attention back to my three trees on the slope that falls down from the Crag. I tense and open myself out to ...
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What I have thus far suggested is a tentative line of spiritual descent which starts in Scythia, crosses the Hellespont into Asiatic Greece, is perhaps combined with some remnants of ...
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Berkeley reasons syllogistically that, if wavelength 570–590 nm is yellow, and yellow is subjective, then wavelength 570–590 nm must be subjective as well. Berkeley was rather eccentric for a bishop, ...
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112 Summa Theologica, I-II, Q. 55, art. 2. 113 Cited in Sertillanges and Ryan, The Intellectual Life, 33. 114 And Thomas was not alone in this. St. Albert the Great ...
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