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America’s Troubles at La Frontera American interference in Latin America nearly dates back to the nation’s start, but began in earnest with the Monroe Doctrine of 1823 , later extended ...
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Portrait of the Philosopher as a Dog Some masters, all too aware of the frightening speed at which dogs pass away, replace them as they approach the end of their ...
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In 2017, ELLIOTT B. BROIDY was deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee. He resigned in April 2018 after it was reported that he had paid a former Playboy ...
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Chapter 10 FROM “FIRE AND FURY” TO “LOVE” To really understand how Trump sees the world, you have to layer multiple lenses on top of each other. Trump believes he ...
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To me, this sounds like an excellent place to begin. Now, granted, it’s a statement of goals. But net-zero greenhouse gas emissions is an extremely clear target, and setting the ...
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Stories of fat-stealing witches circulated widely in early modern Europe. In this detail from the title page of Peter Binsfeld’s Tractatus de Confessionibus Maleficorum et Sagarum (1591), a witch boils ...
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Trump Will Not Pardon Himself or Testify in Sex Cases33 From an interview by Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, June 5, 2018. CHUCK TODD: Welcome back. On this question ...
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* * * — THE MORE Hitler learned of the French and British governments’ attitudes, the more he became convinced that, while they would undoubtedly protest, he ran very little ...
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Geologies What are the apparatuses that we use today, to record, transmit and process the signals that organize our social interactions, actually made of? They are made of North American ...
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Expansion of Household Credit after World War II A popular myth holds that the “Greatest Generation,” those who fought in World War II and returned home to create a baby ...
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Similarly, on July 29, 2003, the CIA made a presentation to a select group of National Security Council principals, including Vice President Cheney, seeking policy reaffirmation of the CIA interrogation ...
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She replied: Okay, well he seems to have survived fine. It’s funny because some of our dog treats are healthy enough for human consumption but those are the cheapest kind ...
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SARYAZD سریزد Saryazd means ‘head of Yazd’ and its two recently restored caravanserais were the last stop before Yazd on the famous trade route from the east. About 6km east ...
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