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Madam President, When I think about the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, there is a predictable pattern on the part of the Palestinians—demand, delay and desert. Before taking a ...
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a moot point buckle. fasten together; fall apart: a. Safe drivers buckle their seat belts. b. Unsafe buildings buckle at the slightest tremor of the earth. trip. to stumble; to ...
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3.3 Conclusion In this chapter, we combined Benford’s law and Zipf’s law to perform analysis such that the hybrid of the two laws will obey a Power law for real ...
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White beaches and starlight, The sea was beckoning me To a place that man might call lonely But it means all heaven to me To my beach—with its surf and ...
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Category Technology Information technology and electronics Next-generation network technology, mobile internet, and 4G mobile communications technology, USN technology, information protection technology, next-generation system S/W technology Bioscience and biotechnology Stem cell ...
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Particular institutions: an on-going research project Punishments are a particularly informative group of criminal law institutions with regard to the influence of the French codes over the codification of criminal ...
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The contingent a priori of the limit, and thus of the constitution of spatial continuity, is the position of congruence between 0-mode and 0-relation, that is, between fact and distance ...
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Macaque monkeys play on their mother’s back. Panda cubs roll on the ground. Piglets play in the mud. Baby hedgehogs play in tubes or under rocks. Puppies play with bones ...
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Chapter Four Reverse Forward Look forward, you see what’s ahead. Look backward, you see what’s behind. Most of us are comfortable planning forward and reminiscing backward, but some of the ...
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Killing The sun wouldn’t be up for two or three hours. There was not a cloud in the sky, and the stars were shouting with joy. The heavens were enclosed ...
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5 Wyndham Lewis and modernist aesthetics in wartime From the fiction that he began publishing in 1909 to his editing of Blast in 1914, Wyndham Lewis was a figure whose ...
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Childcare Dilemmas Back when we were in the throes of solving our post-maternity-leave childcare probs, we were beyond stressed out. So many variables to account for, so many pros and ...
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4—Whereof We Speak This compound device, which we could develop and confirm in a number of results, directly has at least four consequences. Two concern the theologian, two others theology. ...
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