Historical Fantasy
mobi |eng | 0101-01-01 | Author:Diana Gabaldon

33 Tesoro enterrado —Pareces un mandril —comenté. —¿Sí? ¿Y eso qué es? Pese al helado aire otoñal que entraba por la ventana semia-bierta, Jamie tiró la camisa sobre el montón ...
( Category: Historical Fantasy October 30,2017 )
epub | | 2008-10-14 | Author:Félix J. Palma [Palma, Félix J.]

( Category: Spanish & Portuguese October 7,2017 )
epub | | 2009-12-13 | Author:Eco, Umberto [Eco, Umberto]

–Qué cosas -se mofaba Boiamondo- los griegos que han conseguido salvar algún sueldo de Bizancio escondiéndoselo en el pertuso se lo sacan de tan ilustre lugar para comprarse una tibia ...
( Category: Historical Fantasy September 17,2017 )
epub |eng | 2011-03-18 | Author:Zimmer Bradley [Bradley, Zimmer]

Book Three Gwenhwyfar could not breathe. Slowly, slowly, she reached out her hand and laid it in Lancelet's. She felt Arthur's touch on her hair as Lancelet leaned forward and ...
( Category: Historical Fantasy September 12,2017 )
mobi | | 1980-01-01 | Author:Auel,Jean M.

15 Les saisons semblaient se succéder à rebours et passer de l’hiver à l’automne, à mesure que le petit groupe de chasseurs se dirigeait vers le sud. Un ciel noir ...
( Category: Historical Fantasy September 9,2017 )
mobi, epub | | 2011-02-06 | Author:Mathias Malzieu

( Category: French September 6,2017 )
epub |eng | 2010-03-02 | Author:Mathias Malzieu [Malzieu, Mathias]

CHAPTER EIGHT In which our hero solders his dreams to reality and finds the entry code to Miss Acacia’s heart The next day, Brigitte Heim wakes me with her witch’s ...
( Category: French August 26,2017 )
mobi |eng | 1982-01-02 | Author:Marion Zimmer Bradley

17 Even before she rose from her bed, Gwenhwyfar could feel the bright sunlight through the bed-curtains—Summer is here. And then, Beltane. The very fullness of pagandom—she was sure that ...
( Category: Historical Fantasy August 23,2017 )
epub | | 2009-08-01 | Author:Neal Stephenson [Stephenson, Neal]

“AMPUTATIONS ARE DICEY THINGS,” remarked Bob Shaftoe some hours later. For a while, he had had that look on his face that warned Eliza he was pondering something, and likely ...
( Category: Historical Fantasy June 8,2017 )
epub | | 2006-06-06 | Author:Diane Setterfield

GONE! Only Charlie was unaffected. There were changes, of course. The proper meals that under Hester’s regime had been placed outside the door at breakfast, lunch and dinner became occasional ...
( Category: Historical Fantasy June 7,2017 )
epub |eng | 2014-01-01 | Author:Diana Gabaldon [Gabaldon, Diana]

THE SORT OF THING THAT WILL MAKE A MAN SWEAT AND TREMBLE WE FOLLOWED IN the wake of the army. Because of the speed of march, the soldiers had been ...
( Category: Historical Fantasy May 25,2017 )
epub, mobi |eng | 2017-03-05 | Author:Kathleen A. Flynn

IT WAS NO WEATHER FOR FRIVOLOUS OUTINGS, THE AIR DAMP AND the clouds thick, threatening rain at any moment, and I shivered despite spencer and shawl as we turned in ...
( Category: Historical Fantasy May 21,2017 )
mobi |eng | 2016-06-28 | Author:Holmberg, Charlie N. [Holmberg, Charlie N.]

When Shah returns to the cave, he stands in the mouth and looks at his traps. He takes a long time doing this, making an effort to investigate each individual ...
( Category: Historical Fantasy June 29,2016 )
mobi |eng | 2014-11-19 | Author:John Galsworthy

CHAPTER V Fleur's Soul "Mrs. Val Dartie, ma'am." A name which could not be distorted even by Coaker affected her like a finger applied suddenly to the head of the ...
( Category: Historical Fantasy January 9,2016 )
epub |eng | | Author:Paula Brackston

8 MEGAN HAD GAINED an unexpected day of freedom when Lady Rhiannon decided on a whim to take the children to visit her sister on the far side of the ...
( Category: Historical Fantasy October 10,2015 )