epub |eng | | Author:CHARLES JOHNSON

7 Calvary AME Church, a pitched-roof, redbrick building with two lancet-arched doorways and a blue and white sign swinging from its southwest edge on the corners of Emerson and Darrow ...
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epub |eng | 2010-06-17 | Author:Kate Braverman

Cristina, a pale novitiate with a lace-covered silver tray. A pink bud in a vase. Cristina, face grave, drawn tightly like Mother. Stiff. She has bones that will fracture. Brittle ...
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epub |eng | 2016-06-16 | Author:Charles Nordhoff [Nordhoff, Charles]

CHAPTER XIV.—THE PANDORA Throughout the day the Indians had been coming to Matavai in great numbers, and many canoes were drawn up on the beach, belonging to those who had ...
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epub |eng | 2018-10-21 | Author:Frank Leslie

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epub |eng | 2015-02-04 | Author:Bernardo Kucinski [Kucinski, Bernardo]

* * * 1 Rio de Janeiro branch of Ação Libertadora Nacional, the main urban guerrilla movement that fought the military regime. 2 A Rio de Janeiro army barracks where ...
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epub |eng | 2010-07-15 | Author:KAMRAN PASHA

31 Miriam followed the gruff French guard through the maze of faded tents built from red-striped canvas, and past cruder refuges made from the hide of slaughtered camels and goats. ...
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epub |eng | 2016-07-30 | Author:Thomas Nelson Page [Page, Thomas Nelson]

CHAPTER XXV THE TRICK-DOCTOR Ruth Welch on awaking, still, perhaps, had some little feeling about what she understood to be her hosts’ attitude on the question of Northerners, but when ...
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epub |eng | 2012-08-10 | Author:Eduard Kochergin

KNOWLEDGE IS LIGHT, IGNORANCE IS DARKNESS The school that I first ended up in could hardly be called an institution of education. It was a long horizontal barracks divided in ...
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epub |eng | 1988-07-15 | Author:Larry McMurtry

17. We slept that night at a place called Skunkwater Flats—in my view as good an example as one could find of the whimsicality of Western nomenclature. For one thing, ...
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epub |eng | 2020-03-02 | Author:Sharon Kay Penman

CHAPTER 28 September 1180 Jerusalem, Outremer Asad had begun to nuzzle his master’s tunic and Baldwin pushed him away with a laugh. “Sorry, boy, nothing for you to eat.” Taking ...
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epub |eng | | Author:Ursula Hegi

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epub |eng | 2012-01-02 | Author:Anne Clinard Barnhill [Barnhill, Anne Clinard]

Twenty-five Madge’s tussle with Norris in Savernake Forest had frightened her completely, but she told no one about it. She also begged the king to keep her secret as she ...
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mobi |eng | 2002-09-28 | Author:Michael Curtis Ford

III Julian suffered a terrible blow at discovering the Empress's unspeakable treachery. Out of naivete or pure blindness, he had failed to recognize what everyone else in the Empire knew: ...
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epub |eng | 0101-01-01 | Author:The Lady Elizabeth( [Elizabeth, The Lady]

CHAPTER15 1549 On the eve of Twelfth Night, Kat Astley and Thomas Parry sat by the fire sharing a pitcher of mead. “I wonder when the Admiral will press his ...
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epub |eng | | Author:Varley O’Connor

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