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IN THE BEGINNING De Rerum Natura, Book V Lucretius Translated by Rev. John Selby Watson, 1880 The Greek philosopher Epicurus was adamant that humans should not fear death. The keenest ...
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The Stone Flower Mramorskoye was not the only place renowned for its stoneworkers. They say that our towns too had their share of craftsmen. The only difference being that our ...
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* * * THE MOCKING-BIRD The time, a pleasant Sunday afternoon in the early autumn of 1861. The place, a forest's heart in the mountain region of southwestern Virginia. Private ...
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SCENE 3 Low, treeless hills near the mountain plateau; peaks in the distance. There are long shadows; it is late in the day. PEER [enters, running, and halts on the ...
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It is thus with men also: those who abandon their own occupations to mix themselves up in affairs which don’t concern them meet with misfortune as a natural consequence. 151 ...
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epub |eng | 2013-10-17 | Author:Peter E Knox & J C McKeown (ed) [Knox, Peter E & McKeown, J C]

MEDEA The background to this play is formed by the heroic exploits of Jason in bringing back the Golden Fleece to Greece from the barbarian land of Colchis. He was ...
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Odysseus [returning with the wine-skin. He is followed by Silenus, who is also drunk.] Hearken, Cyclops; for I am well versed in the ways of Bacchus, whom I have given ...
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The man suddenly interrupted his singing upon spotting the stranger rushing towards him, pale-faced and with dishevelled hair. Bewildered, Florio asked after Donati. But the gardener had never heard the ...
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26. So for the time being the assembly was adjourned. When the day came for voting on the law, Pompey went quietly out of the city into the country. There ...
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433–6 Again, the request for a loan without intention of repayment recalls the advice given by Dipsas at Am 1.8.101–2. The word used here (435) to describe these gold-diggers is ...
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XXVI * BEOWULF spake, bairn of Ecgtheow: — "Lo, we seafarers say our will, far-come men, that we fain would seek Hygelac now. We here have found hosts to our ...
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Beowulf grasps a giant-sword, Then he saw mid the war-gems a weapon of victory, An ancient giant-sword, of edges a-doughty, Glory of warriors: of weapons ’twas choicest, Only ’twas larger ...
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They said this was unnecessary, as the man was dead before. "I will do more," he said, and struck two or three blows at Grettir's neck before he took off ...
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