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One of the main critiques of green building certification systems is that they largely represent the design and performance of a building at one particular point in time. Does the ...
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The interactions between overlapping removal paths are complex and partly unknown. The relationship between the process input parameters (actuating variables U) and the shape parameters of one removal (control variables ...
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(2)To utilize the above observation, a favorable property of kNN is that the k-th nearest distance to each data point is a monotonic nonincreasing function of the portion of the ...
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Fig. 9.1 Pitting damage to a helical gear tooth (Batsch, 2016). Fig. 9.2 Scuffing gear failure on the flank of a test gear due to poor extreme-pressure (EP) gear oil ...
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marking the position of the cable; placing it at the correct depth; aligning it correctly in relation to nearby buildings; and providing protection in physical and electrical terms (e.g., circuit ...
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Defects strongly affect the strength of UAM parts. Process parameter optimization (including optimization of width settings) to maximize LWD and minimize Type-3 defects is the most effective means to increase ...
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Frying Frying with melted fat or oil is a common cooking technique because frying is a rapid heat transfer method that achieves a higher temperature than boiling or dry heat ...
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Fig. 14.9The tree solution at the end of the first iteration. The Second Iteration. The tree solution shown in Figure 14.9 has only one remaining infeasibility: z ba = −10. ...
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(6.16) Properties The MUSIC algorithm is one of the high-resolution techniques for DOA estimation. It is capable of reliably resolving targets with angular separation of as low as 1° from ...
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