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* * * Back in L.A., I pulled a cake out of my suitcase. The cake from Polizzi we had carried across three continents. Pino had told us it was ...
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Seeding Season The permit’s in hand, your farm’s built—so now it’s time to seed the shellfish and kelp. When I shifted from fisherman to ocean farmer, I ran a death ...
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The taste of smoke Is smoke a substance or an accident? This Aristotelian-sounding question (it was Aristotle who made the distinction between substantive elements in the nature of things and ...
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STRATFORD, ON Boomers Gourmet Fries Est. 1998 26 Erie St. Stratford, ON N5A 1B2 (519) 275-3147 Boomers’ cantankerous yet lovable owner and chef Sue Pasquale has a unique perspective ...
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Now comes quinoa During the whole of the 1950s, the New York Times mentioned quinoa just once. The year was 1954 and the headline was ‘Now Comes Quinoa’. A tiny ...
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* * * By the numbers, “In the Void” was an enormous success. Media coverage and word of mouth were unprecedented for the charity, and Monn got contracted to do ...
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THE OFFICES I PASSED WERE empty. Strange, I thought, glancing at my watch. Then I heard the babble of voices emerging from the conference room and entered to find the ...
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SARDINE BUTTER ‘Take a tin of sardines, carefully remove the skins and bones and pound well. Add same quantity of butter, salt and pepper. Mix thoroughly so that it becomes ...
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Dehydrated items ● Pasta like spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, lasagna. ● Soups and soup mixes. Staples ● Flour, sugar, cocoa, cornmeal, powdered milk. ● Salt, pepper, seasonings and spices. ● ...
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Udon Noodles with Everything Nabe Yaki Udon I love this thick, chewy, noodle hot pot—it really has it all. Served in individual clay pots with lids, its Dashi (Fish Stock)-based ...
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BREAD, YEAST, &c. It is more difficult to give rules for making bread than for anything else; it depends so much on judgment and experience. In summer, bread should be ...
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Pile the avocado into a serving bowl or plate. Season it with salt and pepper. Slice the mango thinly and top the avocado with the slices. Squeeze some of the ...
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Meat Raw meat is tough because each tiny packet of muscle fibers is surrounded by a tough sheet of connective tissue. This is the same tissue that, when boiled, makes ...
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