SQL Server
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Listing 5-19Store data from CSV in temp tables instead of direct queries This improves performance tremendously without wasting too many system resources as the large dataset stays within the CSV. ...
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SELECT tb.id , u.Reputation , u.DownVotes FROM @theTable tb INNER JOIN dbo.Users u ON tb.id = u.Id; Listing 5-10Update DownVotes for multiple users We saw the before results in Table ...
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Defragmentation Strategies So far we’ve discussed how fragmentation occurs, why it is an issue, and how it can be removed from indexes. It is important to apply this knowledge to ...
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Automatic Maintenance In a database with a great deal of transactions, tables and indexes become fragmented over time (assuming you’re not using the fill factor method just mentioned). Thus, to ...
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Find the longest match in the window for the look-ahead buffer If a match is found, output the pointer P and move the coding position (and the window) L bytes ...
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The problem in abstract terms justifying this formula can be explained as follows: Given a box with an infinite number of balls of n colors and each color repeating for ...
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Container Lifecycle When you install Docker whether it is on Linux, Windows, or macOS, the following components are installed which enable containers: Docker engine – This consists of the docker ...
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Listing 6-9Making Ajax call to the GetAsync() action of Employees API The code creates a new JavaScript object named options. Then a series of properties are set on this options ...
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The result of EXCEPT filters the Customer[CountryRegion] column because it is the column used by the table taken as the first argument of EXCEPT. Using tables as filters Functions manipulating ...
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Since view state data is stored in a page’s source code, large amounts of page data can overwhelm the memory of some mobile devices. Since view state data is stored ...
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Examine the output. Because the number of columns is too large to show in this book, only some of the columns are shown next: As you can see by looking ...
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SUMMARY In this chapter, you learned how to read query plans, how queries are processed in SQL Server, and how to identify potential performance improvements. You learned the steps a ...
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size_based_cleanup_mode_desc nvarchar(60) Description of size-based cleanup. Valid values are as follows: OFF AUTO wait_stats_capture_mode smallint Tells Query Store to capture wait statistics or not. Valid values are as follows: 0 ...
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