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Implementing the ROT13 cipher In your Payload Modification target create a new Swift file named ROT13.swift and paste this code into it: import Foundation struct ROT13 { static let shared ...
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1.Click the Next button and name the project BookStore, as shown in Figure 8-2. The company name is required—you can use any company name, real or otherwise. The example uses ...
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2.Create the user interface exactly as you created the AccelerateApp in the previous example with an enlarged label connected to the IBOutlet in the ViewController.swift file. 3.Click the ViewController.swift file ...
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controller(_:didChange...): This method is quite a mouthful. And with good reason — it tells you exactly which objects changed, what type of change occurred (insertion, deletion, update or reordering) and ...
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Now that you have committed and pushed, deploy your updated application. In Terminal, run: vapor cloud deploy --env=production --build=update -y This command deploys the application to Vapor Cloud with the ...
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This code compiles, thanks to the also standard function. Instead of referring to the class property, it, the argument to also, is a local variable that exists only within the ...
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My ToDo In the last section of this chapter, you’ll get to work with different configurations in an iOS app. The project is a simple ToDo app — something you ...
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So, we’ve created a VM and some web apps. Now we need a database. SQL Database There are two ways you can run SQL databases on Azure. You can install ...
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Adding Physics to Sprites Problem You want to make sprites be affected by gravity and other physical forces. Solution To make an SKSpriteNode be physically simulated, create an SKPhysicsBody and ...
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See Also Recipe 8.7 8.7. Capturing Thumbnails from a Video File Asynchronously Problem You are playing a video file using an instance of the MPMoviePlayerController class and would like to ...
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// Define the activity that the user is doing let activityType = "" // Add some additonal information that provides more context let activityInfo = [ "additionalInfoForTheApp": "tennis" ] // ...
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Installing Charles Proxy is a pretty easy job and it is available for all platforms, as it is built on Java. Charles Proxy is available at . Once you ...
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The Paginator The code for WLPaginator.h is in Listing 12-1 and the code for WLPaginator.m is in Listing 12-2. If you want to copy and paste the solution, you’ll find ...
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