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Snake Framework The basic outline for the Snake game is shown in the following. Create a new file in your working folder and call it Type the code in ...
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Just to be safe, we force GC at this point. Finally, we use the dotMemory unit testing API to output the total amount of memory taken up by the program. ...
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More complex database queries As you’ve seen in this chapter, SwiftKueryORM makes it very easy to persist, fetch, update and delete objects from a database without having to work directly ...
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Note The event constructor works will all modern browsers except for Internet Explorer. For full compatibility with IE, you must use the createEvent() and initEvent() methods discussed later, or use ...
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This code compiles, thanks to the also standard function. Instead of referring to the class property, it, the argument to also, is a local variable that exists only within the ...
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My ToDo In the last section of this chapter, you’ll get to work with different configurations in an iOS app. The project is a simple ToDo app — something you ...
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Simplified Callback Methods Because EJB3 session beans do not implement specific EJB framework components (e.g., javax.ejb.SessionBean), you are no longer required to override the annoying and rarely used callback methods ...
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This sets the block’s light level to 1.0 so that it will glow brightly and look awesome. Now your block class is ready, but we still need to register the ...
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The concurrent collections have other strategies for handling concurrent modification, such as weakly consistent iterators. We discuss them in more detail in Collections and Thread Safety. Implementations We have looked ...
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System.out.print("Roman alphabet: "); for (char c = 'A'; c <= 'Z'; c++) { System.out.print(c); } System.out.println(); Java uses Unicode to represent characters, so strings can store text in other alphabets ...
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Figure 6-4. Nonlinear data with smooth linear fit By adding two more inputs, we went from an R2 of 60% to an R2 of 97%. That’s a huge increase. And, ...
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public BlendingScreen(Game game) { super(game); glGraphics = ((GLGame)game).getGLGraphics(); textureRgb = new Texture((GLGame)game, "bobrgb888.png"); textureRgba = new Texture((GLGame)game, "bobargb8888.png"); vertices = new Vertices(glGraphics, 8, 12, true, true); float[] rects = new ...
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As it stands, the wizard’s animation continues, even when the wizard is not moving. Next, you will create events to start and stop the wizard animation at the appropriate times. ...
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