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A Client application references the SDK NuGet package, which provides a proxy class for calling the microservice API. The microservice API provides the protocol implementation and references the Service NuGet ...
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# Serve requests until Ctrl+C is pressed print('Serving on {}'.format(server.sockets[0].getsockname())) try: loop.run_forever() except KeyboardInterrupt: pass # Close the server server.close() loop.run_until_complete(server.wait_closed()) loop.close() We are using the familiar asyncio.get_event_loop() function to ...
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Hello Mr. Andy Hello Ms. Rosy Explanation: “Hello Andy -male” specifies a switch parameter “-male”. “Hello Rosy -female” specifies a switch parameter “-female”. Filter Function Filter function can filter the ...
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To understand, check out the output. Figure 5.17: Least error Note The final model parameters that work best for this dataset: Max depth = 9 Learning rate = 0.01 Number ...
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The Prius and the Learning Tree On the surface, the idea that we should be able to enforce laws by algorithm makes a lot of sense. Since legal reasoning is ...
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epub |eng | 2003-09-05 | Author:Jason Roff

Module 7 Collaboration Diagrams * * * CRITICAL SKILLS 7.1 Define Collaboration Diagrams 7.2 Discover Why We Model Collaboration Diagrams 7.3 Identify the Notational Components of a Collaboration Diagram 7.4 ...
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epub |eng | 2018-05-18 | Author:David Xiang [Xiang, David]

The ability to work as part of the collective, to be a team player, will always trump technical skill when it goes rogue. In your journey, you will encounter many ...
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Now, suppose that a critical security vulnerability has been found in your deployed product. Challenge your team to make a trivial code change (for example, add a comment saying “We ...
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Shawn Powers is the Associate Editor for Linux Journal. He’s also the Gadget Guy for, and he has an interesting collection of vintage Garfield coffee mugs. Don’t let his ...
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Figure 6. Fing’s network discovery function provides a clear view of your network. Tap on any entry to get full details, including IP address, MAC address, vendor, NetBIOS data (Domain, ...
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Gabriel Ford, Sadie Ford and Melissa Ford’s Hello, Scratch! (Manning Publications) In the new book Hello, Scratch!, parents and kids work together to learn programming skills, but not in just ...
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mobi, epub |eng | 2019-06-25 | Author:Linux Journal

Specific characters that cause trouble can be escaped with a prefacing backslash, as the second ls command shows. Better yet, that's from me doing a Tab expansion, so the shell's ...
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