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Don’t overburden a single exception type with describing too many conditions; for example, the Nashorn JavaScript implementation (new with Java 8) originally had overly coarse-grained exceptions, although this was fixed ...
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epub |eng | 2018-12-04 | Author:Srikanth Machiraju & Anto Aravinth [Srikanth Machiraju]

let titleAndAuthorForGoodBooks = compose(mapTitleAndAuthor,queryGoodBooks) Let’s take some time to understand the position of the partial function in the current problem domain. As mentioned, the compose function can only compose a ...
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Figure 9-1. Q8.6 fixed-point encoding of the number 3.640625, which in binary reads 11101001 In the preceding example we managed to encode the chosen number precisely in fixed point because ...
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Getting More Out of Our Objects with Descriptors This chapter introduces a new concept that is more advanced in Python development since it features descriptors. Moreover, descriptors are not something ...
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NOTE 1. These programs were called “door games” because they were launched externally by the BBS software. For more information, see http:/​/​​wiki/​BBS_door. CHAPTER 13 The Epic Fails The bigger they ...
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Note If you’re using host networking in your container, then this layer is skipped. There is no docker-proxy, and the process in the container can bind to the port directly. ...
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Basic Operations Even though there are a wide variety of object types available in Python, most of them share a common set of operations. These are considered to be something ...
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will also return an error message: Department D7 is not yet listed in the referenced table DEPARTMENT, but due to the foreign key constraint, the DBMS checks whether the key ...
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Finally, let's add two MainWindow methods to keep the user informed about the status of the search: def on_finished(self): qtw.QMessageBox.information(self, 'Complete', 'Search complete') def on_directory_changed(self, path): self.statusBar().showMessage(f'Searching in: {path}') The ...
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Implementing the ROT13 cipher In your Payload Modification target create a new Swift file named ROT13.swift and paste this code into it: import Foundation struct ROT13 { static let shared ...
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What You Learned In this chapter, we covered some more advanced ideas. You learned how to make your own variables to keep track of stuff. You programmed your sprites to ...
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UCLASS() class GOLDENEGG_API AAvatar : public ACharacter { GENERATED_BODY() public: // Sets default values for this character's properties AAvatar(); protected: // Called when the game starts or when spawned virtual ...
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