Operating Systems
epub |eng | | Author:Mario Zechner, J. F. DiMarzio & Robert Green

public BlendingScreen(Game game) { super(game); glGraphics = ((GLGame)game).getGLGraphics(); textureRgb = new Texture((GLGame)game, "bobrgb888.png"); textureRgba = new Texture((GLGame)game, "bobargb8888.png"); vertices = new Vertices(glGraphics, 8, 12, true, true); float[] rects = new ...
( Category: Object-Oriented Design May 20,2019 )
epub |eng | 2017-10-19 | Author:Carl Albing & JP Vossen

Warning The restricted shell is not proof against a determined attacker. It can also be difficult to lock down as well as you think you have, since many common applications, ...
( Category: Operating Systems May 20,2019 )
epub, mobi |eng | 2018-09-03 | Author:Stephen Haney

let encounterManager = EncounterManager() At the bottom of the didMove function, call addEncountersToScene to add each encounter node as a child of the GameScene node: encounterManager.addEncountersToScene(gameScene: self) Since the EncounterManager ...
( Category: Programming May 20,2019 )
epub |eng | 2019-03-04 | Author:Adam C Engst & Josh Centers [Adam C Engst]

Shift-click a resize handle on a selected object to equalize its height and width. In particular: Shift-click the midpoint resize handle on the top or bottom of the shape to ...
( Category: Operating Systems May 12,2019 )
epub |eng | 2010-07-14 | Author:Nemeth, Evi & Snyder, Garth & Hein, Trent R. & Whaley, Ben [Nemeth, Evi]

generate for example.com a 1,024-bit ZSK pair that uses the RSA and SHA-1 algorithms and a corresponding 2,048-bit KSK pair.30 The outstanding issue of UDP packet size limits suggests that ...
( Category: Linux & UNIX Administration May 7,2019 )
epub |eng | 2019-03-29 | Author:Himanshu Sharma

( Category: Hacking May 3,2019 )
epub |eng | 2019-05-06 | Author:Sergey Bratus & Eugene Rodionov & Alex Matrosov [Sergey Bratus]

( Category: Testing May 2,2019 )
epub |eng | 2019-04-30 | Author:Sara Perrott

IP Version 6 IPv4 addresses have been in use for quite some time and it was recognized that eventually there would be no more public IPv4 addresses available. The last ...
( Category: Operating Systems April 30,2019 )
epub |eng | | Author:Sander Vugt

The user is owner of the directory where the file exists. Notice that this means that sticky bit cannot be used to prevent users to remove files from their home ...
( Category: Software Development April 25,2019 )
epub |eng | 2009-06-28 | Author:Beazley, David M. [Beazley, David M.]

Message Handling Normally, messages are handled by the root logger. However, any Logger object can have special handlers added to it that receive and process log messages. This is done ...
( Category: Operating Systems April 21,2019 )
azw3 |eng | 2015-07-28 | Author:Carlson, Jeff [Carlson, Jeff]

* * * Tip Photos for OS X takes into account the overall unused storage space on your Mac and calculates more than the size of your actual library size ...
( Category: Adobe Photoshop April 6,2019 )
epub |eng | 2015-12-23 | Author:Andrew Mallett [Mallett, Andrew]

We have provided two functions within the script. The first, is_file, simply tests to ensure that the filename we have entered is a regular file. Then we declare the clean_file ...
( Category: Linux & UNIX Administration April 4,2019 )
epub |eng | 2015-12-21 | Author:Jonathan Baier [Baier, Jonathan]

Listing 3-13: http-pd-controller.yaml Let's also create an external service, so we can see it from outside the cluster: apiVersion: v1 kind: Service metadata: name: http-pd labels: name: http-pd spec: type: ...
( Category: Tools April 4,2019 )
epub |eng | 2016-10-24 | Author:Jordan Krause [Krause, Jordan]

Network Location Server This major component in a DirectAccess infrastructure is something that does not even exist on the DA server itself, or at least it shouldn't if you are ...
( Category: Network Administration April 4,2019 )
epub |eng | 2014-10-09 | Author:Alexandre Borges [Borges, Alexandre]

Getting ready This recipe requires three virtual machines (VirtualBox or VMware) running Oracle Solaris 11 with 4 GB RAM. It is recommended that all machines be on an isolated network ...
( Category: Linux & UNIX Administration April 4,2019 )

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