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Figure 6.6 Jalview display of an alignment of three glucokinase DNA sequences that belong to three different species. Jalview display can be accessed under the results summary section. The sequences ...
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Fortunati L, Pertierra R, Vincent J (2012) Migration, diaspora and information technology in global societies. Routledge, London Fürst H (2014) Emotional socialization on a Swedish Internet dating site: the search ...
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2 Digital Labour Platforms—Taxonomy and Scope of the Analysis Platform-mediated work is a broad term chiefly encompassing two categories of work: on-demand work and crowdwork. The discourse of labour law ...
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SWARM Development Group (2001) Swarm simulation system. Electronic citation. Electron Citation 8(1–10). http://​digitalcommons.​usu.​edu/​nrei/​vol8/​iss1/​2 Tanuma H, Deguchi H, Shimizu T (2005) Agent-based simulation: from modeling methodologies to real-world applications, vol 1. ...
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Federal Communications Commission (FCC) The FCC allocates and assigns spectrum for non-federal entities. It also is concerned with electronic systems that are used in IoT system architecture, i.e., board designs ...
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FIGURE 7.42 Examples of dynamic systems. FIGURE 7.43 Examples of feedback amplifiers. FIGURE 7.44 Examples of mechanical feedback systems. Answers to Selected Problems 1. Since power losses in good motors ...
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Hahn T et al (2016) Banding encounters—embodied practices in improvisation. In: Siddall G, Waterman E (eds) Negotiated moments: improvisation, sound, and subjectivity. Duke University Press, Durham Hommel B, Müsseler J, ...
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(6) He was hoping when he, you know, finished at Yale, he would go to University of Chicago, Berkeley. (COCA, 2009, SPOK, NPR_Science) 3 Standard reference grammars of English only ...
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6.2.3 Sharing Experience for Team Strategy Yesterday, engineering is individual-product-based. But today, products are designed and produced as teams. Thus, experience has been discussed on an individual basis until today, ...
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16.9 Hierarchical Organization for Recovery? The different dynamics of recovery of language function observed in patients after stroke and with tumors in the left hemisphere suggest various mechanisms for compensation ...
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Designing the Prototype Assuming there is no existing solution and you are committed to developing your solution in-house, the first step to building a prototype is to define your system's ...
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Fast R-CNN In 2015, Fast R-CNN was proposed to remedy the speed problems of R-CNN. In this method, the main change is where we get proposal regions in the pipeline. ...
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