Business Technology
epub |eng | 2019-04-23 | Author:Ken Withee & Ken Withee

Discovering SharePoint Views A number of apps ship with SharePoint, and you can also create custom apps (as we discuss in Chapter 11). SharePoint also lets you create additional pages, ...
( Category: LAN May 11,2019 )
epub |eng | 2016-04-25 | Author:Sangram Vajre [Vajre, Sangram]

( Category: E-Commerce May 8,2019 )
epub |eng | 2009-11-12 | Author:Dan Zarrella [Dan Zarrella]

Figure 6-11. StumbleUpon has more mainstream appeal than Digg. StumbleUpon Perhaps the most mainstream social bookmarking site, StumbleUpon also differs from the standard voting site interface. Rather than a front ...
( Category: E-Commerce April 1,2019 )
azw3 |eng | 2016-04-14 | Author:Harrington, Jan L. [Harrington, Jan L.]

Joins Over All Columns with the Same Name When the primary key and foreign key columns you are joining have the same name and you want to use all matching ...
( Category: Data Mining March 27,2019 )
epub |eng | 2011-07-12 | Author:Carrie Wilkerson [Wilkerson, Carrie]

My husband lost his sister when he was a senior in high school. His sister was exactly four years to the day older than he was. Laura and her husband ...
( Category: Entrepreneurship March 23,2019 )
epub |eng | 2016-02-15 | Author:Ray Edwards [Edwards, Ray]

9) The “Truth About” Bullet. This works especially well with any controversial question or issue that is hotly debated. Find an issue where the controversy is well-known in your market. ...
( Category: E-Commerce March 20,2019 )
epub |eng | 2019-03-17 | Author:Tom Chavez

OPTIMIZATION: FINDING EFFICIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS IN ADDRESSABLE MEDIA Everyone in media loves to quote the old John Wanamaker saw, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted—the trouble is, ...
( Category: E-Commerce March 18,2019 )
epub |eng | 2016-06-22 | Author:Danny Iny & Jim Hopkinson & Alexis Rodrigo [Iny, Danny]

Resources Think about resources as a master list of things your reader needs to accomplish a goal. For example, “Everything You Need to Start a Freelance Web Development Business” could ...
( Category: E-Commerce March 16,2019 )
epub |eng | 2019-02-28 | Author:Dave Kerpen

PUBLIC FIGURES, GOVERNMENT, AND DISCLOSURE In no sector is transparency more important than in government. You, the taxpayers and voters, fund politicians, programs, and agencies. Therefore, they have an obligation ...
( Category: Research March 1,2019 )
epub |eng | 2019-02-27 | Author:Dre Baldwin

EXAMINE YOUR GAME Think of a time when your back was to the wall. Something needed to happen, and it needed to happen right then. What happened? A sense of ...
( Category: Marketing February 28,2019 )
epub |eng | 2019-01-25 | Author:Cynthia Snyder Dionisio

In this chapter, I describe multiple options for negotiating the various constraints of time, resources, scope, and costs that affect the project. It’s about Time Suppose that the boss asks ...
( Category: Business Technology February 21,2019 )
epub |eng | 2013-03-13 | Author:Jeff Korhan

GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT People talk—and now, with social media, they share photos and videos, too. You want to give them something to talk about that favorably speaks ...
( Category: Processes & Infrastructure February 1,2019 )
epub |eng | 2013-04-01 | Author:Shane Young & Steve Caravajal & Todd Klindt

( Category: Software January 31,2019 )
epub |eng | | Author:Office 2010)

the number of the employee’s manager, who also is an employee. If you look at the row for employee 206 (Joan Dykstra), you will see that employee 198 (Mona Canzler) ...
( Category: Databases & Big Data January 28,2019 )
epub |eng | 2013-10-06 | Author:Kimberly A. Houser [Kimberly A. Houser]

7.3 WHAT DO I DO IF SOMEONE COPIES THE LOOK AND FEEL OF MY WEBSITE? Because there are so many form websites out there, many websites do in fact look ...
( Category: Processes & Infrastructure January 22,2019 )

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