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Synthetic Metadata Once metadata collection requirements grow large enough—usually in the neighborhood of five or more metadata attributes per entity type (table, column, index, etc.)—the hybrid approach becomes cumbersome and ...
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epub |eng | 2012-08-12 | Author:A K Stone [Stone, A K]

Later, they went back to the institute, and Foxton went off on some business while Adam went to Ijaz’s room for some more relaxation, getting ready for the night’s festivities. ...
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Chapter 8 1141 The citizens of Lincoln opened their gates and applauded the entry of Stephen and his army, so relieved were they to be delivered from Ranulf Moustaches. A ...
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The end of Calvin and Hobbes came faster than almost anyone at the time expected. Watterson had told his syndicate as early as the contract renegotiations in 1990–1991 that he ...
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The poor goth princess Francesca Woodman caught my ghostliness just right in plenty of her photographs, many of them self-portraits taken with preternatural elegance when she was still a teenager, ...
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ALL OF THIS IS TO SAY: Yes, climate change is a REAL problem, and one that isn’t worth ignoring simply because you don’t feel like separating your recycling. So maybe ...
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Proto PiMan, unpublished, 1981 Meet the PiMan, unpublished, 1993 Merchandised PiMan, 2017 Animated PiMania frames, 2014 Animated PiMania frames, 2014 The Pi family, 1985 The Piland Bugle, first edition, 1983 ...
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Herring, mustard, rye crispbread RYE CRISPBREAD 300g/2 cups rye flour 4g/1tsp easy-action yeast 1tsp salt 250ml/1 cup warm water 1tsp caraway seeds 1tsp fennel seeds 1tsp nigella seeds 1tsp sesame ...
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Chapter 9 I do quite naughty things now. I do like to be a bit sexy. —Kylie Minogue Look, my bitches all bad, my niggas all real I ride on ...
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Eighteen Matt Waking to the soft, quiet morning on the ranch wasn’t as much of a shock as it had been the past few mornings. Still, it was surreal, how ...
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Anatomy and Proportion One way to learn anatomy is to go to the gym and simply watch people. As they work out, you’ll see the various muscles groups in action. ...
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Once their guards had left them alone, Caps went immediately to Elyseo’s inert body. “What are you doing?” demanded Beryl. “I’m going to see if I can wake him up.” ...
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