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Balanced/target-date mutual funds Balanced mutual funds invest primarily in a mixture of stocks and bonds. This one-stop-shopping concept makes investing easier and smoothes out fluctuations in the value of your ...
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· Identifying the prospect · Introducing one’s self · Asking how they are doing · Chatting about the weather · Transitioning to… · Giving the Reason for the call · ...
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But of even greater consequence than notice is… Chapter Eighteen Landlord Liability The need for landlords to legally protect their assets stems from the heavy responsibilities the laws impose on ...
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How does it work? There are two key ways to deal in property information. At first glance, they look similar — indeed, they’re closely related and, for many real estate ...
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Look for Low City Vacancies Low vacancy rates in cities can mean that people have to look elsewhere to find rental properties. Some cities these days report 20 applicants for ...
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Poor Water Management Another element of the looming crisis is poor management of water resources. The problem was dramatized in July 2009 when inhabitants in five villages in Nigeria’s Kano ...
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Question 57: How Small a Down Payment Can I Make? Where Can I Find a Zero-Down Loan? From the 1940s through the early 1980s, if you wanted to buy a ...
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From Rock Bottom Sometimes doing whatever it takes to reach your goals means being willing to do a 180 degree with your life. In 2008, I gave a job interview ...
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Special Uses Zoning districts typically permit certain uses as rights and other named uses as special exceptions. If designated a right, you can proceed with your plans. When you comply ...
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HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR TURNKEY PARTNER Choosing an ideal turnkey company is a three-part process. You need to identify good options, put your finalists to the Turnkey Test™, and take ...
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The first rule is to protect you from getting burned on bigger deals. If you have an ARV of $200,000, then your Minimum Profit should be $20,000. Making $20,000 on ...
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Realize You Are Selling a Dream and an Investment The sooner you realize you are selling a dream and an investment, the sooner you will begin to understand and appreciate ...
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FLIP TIP Good enough. When replacing major items such as furnaces, carpet, and roofs, it is not necessary to go with the best quality or grade. Do what is consistent ...
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