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Hide It When you get the $1,000, hide it. You can’t keep the money handy because it will get spent. If your $1,000 from Baby Step One is in the ...
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CHAPTER SIX Selecting and Dealing with Attorneys After reading this book and possibly Living Trusts for Everyone, you will be familiar with basic estate planning strategies, including the difference between ...
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Our Shared Economy, or the Sharing-the-Crumbs Economy Critics have a lot to say about the negatives of independent work defined as contract, contingent, part-time/temporary, and freelance jobs.6 The concerns are ...
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A SCHOOL FOR LIFE? Peter Laslett looked to America as the wellspring for new ideas that would create the institutions needed to help usher people into the Third Age. There’s ...
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GETTING STARTED—AND GETTING ORGANIZED There are entire books dedicated to showing you how to organize your important documents. One we can recommend is Get It Together: Organize Your Records So ...
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Of course, learning a language isn’t the only activity that can help with brain health. One study compared the cognitive health of two groups of people, one that spent time ...
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Now that you’ve seen what an IRA can do for you, let’s discuss how to open one. * * * What’s the Point? Investing in an IRA is a smart ...
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Business Property Your rental home is treated as a business property if your own use amounts to no more than 14 days or 10 percent of the time that you ...
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After the first edition of Retire Secure! was published, I was invited to make presentations and train financial planners all over the country. One night, one of the financial planner ...
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Special Tax Considerations for IRA Accounts Addenda, provisos, and restrictions do apply where Roth IRAs are concerned. Tax laws seem to be written in Greek for the entertainment of the ...
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• Bad things happen to everyone. It’s your character that determines whether this will be a brief setback or a permanent disruption to your life. • Don’t use bad luck ...
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CHILDREN’S TRUSTS As with the ILIT, we are now considering trusts established for specific purposes or assets. The irrevocability principle for asset protection applies to any established for this purpose. ...
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Aggressive Risk/Reward Profile—12 Funds Our first model portfolio targets the aggressive risk/reward end of the spectrum, but keeps the size of the portfolio manageable with only 12 funds (Table 7.1). ...
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