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The problem with this calculation, as we noted in Chapter 2, is that we are using the end-of-year value for net worth. To properly calculate ROE, we really should use ...
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WHAT TO DO Put your team together and get them going on two projects critical to your exit strategy: an open market valuation of your company and an audit of ...
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QUANTITATIVE EASING After a rout, it takes time to recover. The fallout from the global financial crisis had been harsh, and worldwide interest rates collapsed. Governments and central banks from ...
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Capitalization Notice here that VCF1 says that the valuation of the company includes the unallocated employee option pool—in this case, 15 percent. As we talked about before, VCF1 wants to ...
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* * * Theresia and MJ had been invited to the weekend but couldn’t attend. Theresia was about to have a baby, and MJ was overcommitted at work and home. ...
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You expected to knock your own socks off? You expected to do the impossible? You expected to shatter records? You realized you’re capable of a quantum leap now? You just ...
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In Figure 6.7 we shall look at a strategy using a 60-minute time frame. The criteria we shall use also applies to a 15- or 30-minute time frame. First, as ...
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15 IN THE AIR Bitcoin sounded just as good at thirty thousand feet. Tyler stood in front of the whiteboard that had been set up against the glossy, mahogany wood-paneled ...
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Figure 3.13 Calculating depreciation using 200% declining balance The SUMPRODUCT Function This is a very useful function, it can be used to calculate the weighted average of two variables. The ...
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13 MARKETING Marketing is a tale of two cities. First there is business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing—the stuff that builds awareness and drives sales for your company, especially directed at the target ...
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8 The Mortgage Bonanza Blows Out These were people who, in the five thousand years of recorded human house construction, never would have been granted a mortgage to purchase even ...
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Problems in a company are like cockroaches in the kitchen. You will never find just one. I’d rather have a $10 million business making 15 percent than a $100 million ...
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