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Q: “I won money at a Las Vegas casino and my winnings were subject to a 30% withholding tax. I am a Canadian citizen. How can I get the withholding ...
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UNDERSTANDING SUBPART F INCOME Until 1962, one could create a foreign corporation and defer taxation on its income (especially passive income) until the corporation was sold. Furthermore, it would convert ...
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Footnote 47: (return) The word Koran, derived from the verb Karaa, i.e., to read, signifies in Arabic "the reading," or rather "that which is to be read." The syllable Al, ...
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Tip #146: Not Enough? We talked about getting too much Social Security income, but what if you don’t have enough? There are lots of people who worked for themselves, cleverly ...
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Ladies/Gentlemen: After repeated attempts to collect on our invoice #6656 in the amount of $1,856.04, we have received no response from your company. This letter is to notify you that ...
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Northwest District The northwest district comprising the cities of Pasadena, South Pasadena, and San Marino displays middle-class to affluent household incomes. Median home values are among the highest in the ...
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2.3.2 Special Rules for Gifts in Kind Australia and the UK apply special tax incentives for cultural gifts in kind . Donors and institutions must meet many additional requirements to ...
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In conclusion, we suggested above that corporate neutralization techniques evolve over time. We used reports of investigations by fraud examiners to identify corporate scandals, and then we examined whether accounts ...
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IS THE ESTATE TAX UNFAIR BECAUSE IT PUNISHES SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE? Estate tax supporters are sometimes accused of wanting to punish successful people. This is a tired canard that is invoked ...
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When You Are Dead The fourth and final reason not to invest is that the blood has stopped moving through your veins and your lungs are no longer drawing in ...
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That's a Wrap We just shared a whole lot of tips for how to create an environment where Pioneers excel, and we thought a summary of those points might be ...
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These arguments may have been valid at one time, but are much less true today. Electronic trading significantly reduces costs and allows international competition (see, Davis and Steil, 2001, for ...
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where: σi is the volatility of the returns of stock i. σm is the volatility of the market returns. ρim is the correlation coefficient between market returns and returns of ...
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