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Five MY COMPANIONS clustered overnight around Upper Goose Pond notwithstanding, the Appalachian Trail does not offer the kind of diversion that draws crowds. Some days on the trail, I met ...
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CHAPTER X AMONG THE MAGICIANS AND HOLY MEN SPACE AND TIME, those defiant enemies of man, hurry this pen again. My feet must once more take giant strides on this ...
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THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING CLASS IN India is small, powerful, and easily identifiable by its wealth, its speech, and what seem almost like racial differences. As Aldous Huxley once wrote of the ...
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July 10 Day 8 – End of 1st week out of Fayal – 00.00: Lovely night, stars, warm. We’re becalmed. Sails slatting as boat rolls slightly on imperceptible swell. Tried ...
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Chapter 10 MEXICAN STANDOFF American Cuisine Grill’s revolving door spews out Sheryl onto the shoveled and salted sidewalk. Lingering thoughts of Mom and Hawaii have her thinking of how that ...
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July 7: Surviving the Grupos de Hormigas and Huaras “Can you tell where we are?” I yelled to Curt over the crashing sound of breakers too close for comfort. “Yeah, ...
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Flora MacDonald by Richard Wilson Me: He lived for a long, long time and became well known as a curiosity. Oh, no, this is a different guy. [reads] He was ...
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Nuth on the steps of the first Pencils of Promise school. (Photograph by Nick Onken) Ready to see photos, videos, and more? GO TO THE HIDDEN URL You’ll find ...
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– CHAPTER 16 – Nevada’s Dead Towns20 Nevada is one of the very youngest and wildest of the states; nevertheless, it is already strewn with ruins that seem as grey ...
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14. An Ounce of Attention On June 25 Plennie and his aunt Marie settled into their cushioned seats in the little movie house and waited for the film to start. ...
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Conclusions A career overview (for JMS) has shown that a continuous integration and synthesis of natural history analyses and experimental probings (with controls) have revealed processes as well as patterns ...
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MINUS ONE SATURDAY, MAY 31 Day thirteen. Even though there was no sign of a storm within the protective confines of Genet Basin, word had it that high winds had ...
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Chapter 6 T he guys in the burned-out MRAP called on the radio to say they saw a large truck pulling a trailer coming down the road. Sarge had put ...
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