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azw3 |eng | 2009-08-18 | Author:Troy Denning

WITH PUCKERED BROWS HANGING LOW AND HEAVY OVER HOLLOW EYES and bony cheeks, Rolund and Rhondi Tremaine reminded Ben of Ugnaughts more than humans. The two Mind Walkers were seated ...
( Category: Adventure March 25,2014 )
azw3, epub |eng | 2000-02-01 | Author:Michael A. Stackpole

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN Jacen Solo's eyes snapped open, and for a moment, he wondered where he was. He knew he was on Belkadan, but he found himself surprised to be back ...
( Category: Adventure March 25,2014 )
azw3, epub |eng | 2000-06-06 | Author:Michael A. Stackpole

CHAPTER TWENTY Jacen looked at the digital readout on the sedative injector in his right hand. One dose left. The two captives had received enough of the drug to keep ...
( Category: Adventure March 25,2014 )
azw3, epub |eng | 2005-07-26 | Author:Troy Denning

TWENTY Even curled into the primal egg position on the Falcon's medbay bunk, staring dead ahead with glazed eyes, Saba looked more annoyed by her wounds than pained by them. ...
( Category: Adventure March 25,2014 )
azw3, epub, mobi |eng | 2005-09-27 | Author:Troy Denning

TWELVE Leia and Saba stood shoulder-to-shoulder at the top of the boarding ramp, listening to a muffled string of beeps and chirps as the boarding party's slicer droid tried to ...
( Category: Adventure March 25,2014 )
azw3, epub, mobi |eng | 2005-12-27 | Author:Troy Denning

"You're a medic?" Leia could not conceal her surprise. "A battle surgeon, to be precise." Baltke removed his eye patch, revealing a perfectly sound organ underneath, and started toward the ...
( Category: Adventure March 25,2014 )
mobi |eng | 2011-09-01 | Author:Andy Frankham-Allen

Chapter Five Down Among the Insects 1. MILLER STOOD by the door, his breech-loading carbine in his hands. He had it aimed out towards the aft of the flyer, while ...
( Category: Science Fiction March 25,2014 )
mobi, epub |eng | 2011-08-24 | Author:Ben Counter

CHAPTER EIGHT The warp was a dark and terrible place, a realm where fears and emotions were made real, where the nightmares of men found form, and evil things lived. ...
( Category: Military March 25,2014 )
mobi |eng | 2001-01-01 | Author:Dave Stone

sometimes. ‘Think nothing of it,’ said the Doctor. ‘Happens to the best of us, especially in the face – I do beg your pardon – of such a sad story. ...
( Category: other March 25,2014 )
mobi, epub |eng | 2012-01-02 | Author:Robert A. Heinlein

CHAPTER SEVEN "Hello? Hello? Jeff, are you there? Can you hear me?" "Sure I can hear. you. Don't shout, Major." "I wish these damn rigs were regular telephones. I like ...
( Category: Adventure March 25,2014 )
mobi, epub |eng | 2011-01-01 | Author:Michael G. Thomas

* * * Lieutenant Erdeniz lay in his hospital bed gazing out of the windows. He knew they weren’t real, but the view was a direct feed from outside and ...
( Category: Military March 25,2014 )
mobi |eng | 2012-09-09 | Author:Edited by Christian Dunn; Nick Kyme

A bloodstained hurricane swept across a desolate hillside, its furious roar a hundred thousand throats crying out in anger and agony. Crimson winds turned to a raging inferno, setting all ...
( Category: other March 25,2014 )
mobi, epub |eng | 2009-05-21 | Author:Orson Scott Card

"I'm as surprised as you are to find myself here today," said Peter with a smile. "But I must say I'm grateful to the source that provided me with information ...
( Category: Adventure March 25,2014 )
mobi, epub |eng | 2013-02-05 | Author:Ben Counter

K-Day +15 Days Classified Three hundred troops stood to attention, as they always did for ten hours per day, unmoving, unthinking. General Seven walked up and down the ranks. He ...
( Category: Adventure March 25,2014 )
mobi, epub |eng | 2009-03-15 | Author:Arthur Leo Zagat

TURNED HIS FACE FROM THEM AND LACKING HIS COUNTENANCE THEY MUST PERISH." Chapter 18 THE CURTAIN FALLS I was vaguely aware that it was Elijah who had thus broken into ...
( Category: Adventure March 25,2014 )

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