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epub |eng | 2020-01-30 | Author:Gregory Ashe [Ashe, Gregory]

CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN DECEMBER 19 WEDNESDAY 1:49 PM IN THE BASEMENT, WITH THE security footage still frozen on the screen, Somers waited for the explosion. Hazard was still clutching the remote, ...
( Category: Police Procedurals April 5,2020 )
epub |eng | 2006-04-25 | Author:Plato [Plato]

‘You really mustn't think,’ I said, ‘that I have any aim in asking you all these questions beyond a simple desire to investigate; to investigate all aspects of being good, ...
( Category: Medieval April 5,2020 )
epub |eng | 2016-11-28 | Author:Aaron Hodges [Hodges, Aaron]

************* Gabriel watched from a distant window as the defenders began to clean up in the aftermath of the battle. They started with the enemy, with defenders taking it in ...
( Category: Dark Fantasy April 5,2020 )
epub |eng | 2019-05-05 | Author:Mark David Abbott [Abbott, Mark David]

47 John stepped out onto the balcony and pulled the sliding doors closed behind him. He glanced back inside at Adriana and Amira eating breakfast at the dining table, then ...
( Category: Murder April 5,2020 )
E, P, U, B |eng | 2018-09-18 | Author:Heather C. Myers [Myers, Heather C.]

Aaron nodded his head a couple of times, and then offered his hand to help her in the carriage. His studious eyes sought out her face, hoping for something to ...
( Category: Historical April 5,2020 )
epub |eng | 2019-12-04 | Author:R H Tucker [Tucker, R H]

16 Zoey Waking up in the morning, I can hear the band in the hallway as they leave their rooms. For a moment, I wonder if Derrik’s going to knock ...
( Category: Genre Fiction April 5,2020 )
epub |eng | 2019-11-19 | Author:Carolyn Klassen [Klassen, Carolyn]

13 I might cry There is something about our culture that has people feel that crying in front of others should not happen. Typically, when someone feels the urge to ...
( Category: Psychotherapy, TA & NLP April 5,2020 )
epub |eng | 2020-02-08 | Author:Beth Byers [Byers, Beth]

Chapter 12 “As a group?” Jack demanded, thrusting himself to his feet and crossing to Vi's chair as though proximity would save her from whatever had happened thus far. “They ...
( Category: Amateur Sleuths April 5,2020 )
epub |eng | 2020-01-26 | Author:Sarah Mosby [Mosby, Sarah]

CHAPTER 5 Emily has kept her word. Matthew has seen her taxi leave for the airport early in the morning and as he stands by the door ready to know, ...
( Category: Billionaires April 5,2020 )
epub |eng | 2019-12-08 | Author:J D Light [Light, J D]

Seriously, who had fucking abs like that? Nobody I knew in real life. They were seriously like something you'd see off of a movie… I pulled back suddenly, breathing hard ...
( Category: Literature & Fiction April 5,2020 )
epub |eng | 2019-09-16 | Author:Rhett C. Bruno & Jaime Castle [Bruno, Rhett C. & Castle, Jaime]

XXI The Thief Whitney emerged from the water, gasping. He coughed up the strange blue liquid from the Well of Wisdom and threw his bone-soaked torso over the ledge. The ...
( Category: Dark Fantasy April 5,2020 )
epub |eng | 2015-01-28 | Author:Teresa Cole [Cole, Teresa]

9 INTERLUDE 26 OCTOBER 1415 – AUGUST 1417 There is no way of knowing exactly how many were killed at Agincourt. The heralds, whose job it was to number and ...
( Category: Royalty April 5,2020 )
epub |eng | 2019-11-04 | Author:William Cook [Cook, William]

——— * In 1970–71, the NBA divided the teams in two conferences. Previously the league had two divisions but no conferences (with the exception of the 1949–50 when the NBA ...
( Category: History of Sports April 5,2020 )
epub |eng | 2020-02-12 | Author:Rhonda Lee Carver [Carver, Rhonda Lee]

Chapter 13 “So this is it?” The small cabin with cracked windows and a ramshackle porch was more of a shack settled along the valley than a house. All the ...
( Category: Romantic Suspense April 5,2020 )
epub |eng | 2011-01-01 | Author:Sarah Moss [Moss, Sarah]

‘Good Lord, your children are still up.’ ‘They are now,’ I said. ‘Excuse me, I need to reassure Moth.’ She stayed in the doorway. ‘They only scream for attention, you ...
( Category: Humorous April 5,2020 )

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