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epub |eng | 2010-01-01 | Author:Martin Luther King Jr [King Jr, Martin Luther]

IV Among the forces of white liberalism the church has a special obligation. It is the voice of moral and spiritual authority on earth. Yet no one observing the history ...
( Category: African-American Studies January 22,2020 )
epub |eng | | Author:Neil Peart

In Palenque I seemed to be “Mr. Out-of-Season” again, for I sat alone at the resort bar (“enduring — or ignoring — Christmas music”), and at dinner the tables were ...
( Category: Rock January 22,2020 )
epub |eng | 2020-01-21 | Author:William Gibson

55 MICRO-EXPRESSIONS What about my mother?” Verity asked Lowbeer. “I’d need to tell her, if I was disappearing. Not that she’d be the only one I wouldn’t want worried over ...
( Category: Political January 22,2020 )
epub |eng | | Author:B.R. Myers

CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE Aidan had been watching the sky for the last two hours. The plasma trains screeched above him as they skimmed into their stations. He had one hand in ...
( Category: Literature & Fiction January 22,2020 )
epub |eng | 0101-01-01 | Author:Cummins, Jeanine [Cummins, Jeanine]

Chapter Nineteen Just on the outskirts of Guadalajara, inhaling the fragrance of chocolate, Lydia stops dead in her tracks. Her hand flies up to her mouth. Lorenzo turns to face ...
( Category: Family Life January 22,2020 )
epub |eng | 2019-09-04 | Author:Sharon K. Mayhew [Mayhew, Sharon K.]

Chapter Twenty September 11, 1940 6:00 PM I was thankful Missus Wood said we both would take our baths inside. Being outside without my clothes on sounded rather odd. I ...
epub |eng | 2020-01-19 | Author:Donna Zadunajsky [Zadunajsky, Donna]

Sixteen Clare The next morning Clare made an appointment to meet an attorney. She’d find out if she should be worried about Jim taking Kayla from her. She knew he’d ...
( Category: Suspense January 22,2020 )
epub |eng | 2020-01-20 | Author:Emily Suvada

CHAPTER 24 CATARINA “WE HAVE TO GET HER out,” Anna says, her voice frantic. “Cole, help me move this thing.” She yanks at the handles on the side of Ziana’s ...
( Category: Literature & Fiction January 22,2020 )
azw3 |eng | 2020-01-20 | Author:Rucker, Philip & Leonnig, Carol [Rucker, Philip]

* * * — The April 24 meeting would prove to be one of the only times Trump’s new legal team would engage directly with Mueller. The special counsel typically ...
( Category: Comic Strips January 22,2020 )
epub |eng | | Author:Roy Peter Clark

Wood calls as an expert witness to the power of the complex narrator the German novelist W. G. Sebald, an author who favors the free indirect style, rather than the ...
( Category: Rhetoric January 22,2020 )
epub |eng | 2019-11-12 | Author:Dennis Baron

*This new sense of the verb queer appears in Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary. The earliest citation for this sense in the Oxford English Dictionary is from 1993. The OED adds this ...
( Category: LGBT January 22,2020 )
epub |eng | 2019-11-26 | Author:Maureen Johnson

15 THE WHOLE HOUSE WAS SHAKING. Stevie opened her eyes. The light in the room was dim. She blinked a few times and reached for her phone. It was almost ...
( Category: Mystery & Detective January 22,2020 )
epub |eng | 2020-01-20 | Author:Christopher Caldwell

Civil rights as a ruling-class cause Barack Obama was the president the finance crisis called forth. Its timing, in September 2008, favored his electoral fortunes. Had the crash come two ...
( Category: History & Theory January 22,2020 )
epub |eng | 2020-01-20 | Author:Diane Ravitch

Amy Frogge, a parent and lawyer, was twice elected to the Metro Nashville Board of Education, despite being outspent by opponents who favored charter schools. Commissioner Huffman punished the recalcitrant ...
( Category: Democracy January 22,2020 )
epub |eng | 2020-01-20 | Author:Robin Dreeke & Cameron Stauth

TEN POSITIVE TELLS FOR RELIABILITY (COMPETENCE PLUS DILIGENCE) 1. Reliable people carry themselves with genuine confidence. It’s fairly easy to fake confidence, so behavioral analysts have learned how to identify ...
( Category: Decision Making January 22,2020 )

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