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epub |eng | 2019-06-06 | Author:Katie Douglas [Douglas, Katie]

Chapter 8 Jake “I’m sorry, but I have to be thorough,” Bob said. “Were there any surveillance cameras at the sanctuary?” “I have no idea, but you could call and ...
( Category: Romantic Suspense January 18,2020 )
epub |eng | 2019-12-04 | Author:Tarin Lex [Lex, Tarin]

Five Ditra Owen didn’t exactly lie—everything is different. Translation: everything is worse. Owen’s grief over almost losing us morphs into rage like I’ve never seen before. I’d let my emotions ...
( Category: Short Stories & Anthologies January 18,2020 )
epub |eng | 2018-07-18 | Author:Jane Cousins [Cousins, Jane]

Chapter Fourteen What was worse? Catching a glimpse of Darcy’s wrecked car being towed through the Town Square? Or being told he could find her at the local hospital in ...
( Category: Romantic Comedy January 18,2020 )
epub |eng | 2019-07-21 | Author:Kristen Luciani [Luciani, Kristen]

Chapter Eight Kazimir Okay, maybe I didn’t think this whole thing through enough. It sounded good in theory, especially if it kept Lindy close. But now I’m mixing business with ...
( Category: Romantic Suspense January 18,2020 )
epub |eng | 2006-04-11 | Author:John Stevens [Stevens, John]

DAWN I have returned to my native village after twenty years; No sign of old friends or relatives—they have all died or gone away. My dreams are shattered by the ...
( Category: Love Poems January 18,2020 )
epub |eng | 0101-01-01 | Author:Carolyn Rose Gimian [Gimian, Carolyn Rose]

215 Art and Meditation NOBODY CAN CREATE a perfect work of art or understand a perfect work of art without understanding the practice of meditation. So the sitting practice of ...
( Category: Tibetan January 18,2020 )
epub |eng | 2016-12-31 | Author:Douglas Adams & James Goss

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN NOTHING LIKE A PLAN ‘This,’ said the Doctor, fully aware that he was showing off, ‘is like taking fish from a baby.’ Crouched by a pillar in the ...
( Category: Time Travel January 18,2020 )
epub |eng | 2018-09-18 | Author:Kristen Luciani [Luciani, Kristen]

11 Nico The subway doors creak open at the Bleecker Street station, and a hot gust of urine-scented air blasts me as I step onto the platform. I usually avoid ...
( Category: Romantic Suspense January 18,2020 )
epub |eng | 2019-12-05 | Author:Ayala, Rachelle

Chapter 16 ~ Sammie ~ “You better be on your best behavior, young lady.” Braden is extra grouchy when we meet upstairs in our tiny room to get dressed for ...
( Category: Holidays January 18,2020 )
epub |eng | 2019-12-04 | Author:Kaylee, Katy

20 Billie I had loved doing that for Pike. Getting to feel him fall apart, his cock thick and heavy on my tongue, stretching my mouth wide—I felt simultaneously submissive ...
( Category: Women's Fiction January 18,2020 )
epub |eng | 2019-11-24 | Author:Amarie Avant [Avant, Amarie]

Soon as I return to the back of the gym, Vadim shouts from the cage. “Vassili, get your ass in here. I swear, if you can't keep up, I'll be ...
( Category: Multicultural January 18,2020 )
epub |eng | 2019-08-14 | Author:Brenna Jacobs [Jacobs, Brenna]

Chapter 11 Avery stared at her phone, unsure how to respond. She’d known David was thinking about dating, but this felt so . . . proactive. You mentioned a friend ...
( Category: other January 18,2020 )
epub |eng | 2019-12-06 | Author:Flora Ferrari [Ferrari, Flora]

CHAPTER 10 Eloise Last night is indescribable. Even today, I can still feel his hot touch on my skin, the invisible marks left behind by his lips. It was like ...
( Category: other January 18,2020 )
epub |eng | 2019-12-04 | Author:August DiMuro [DiMuro, August]

CHAPTER ELEVEN ELENA Elena paced the floor of her hotel room, distressed from the surprising visit from Court. She’d thought for sure he’d knock JJ to the ground or there ...
( Category: Women's Fiction January 18,2020 )
epub |eng | 2018-10-10 | Author:Kristen Luciani [Luciani, Kristen]

Chapter 16 “I’ve been going out of my mind! What the hell happened last night?” “Sorry it took me so long to call. My mom just dropped Chloe off, and ...
( Category: Literature & Fiction January 18,2020 )

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